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Hyperion (Primal)

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Frequently Asked Questions (For New Players)

Why do I keep dying?
Enemies that are more than 1 or 2 levels above your own level can kill you easily, so be sure to avoid monsters that are too far above your level. If monsters that are a similar level to your own are killing you, most likely the gear you're wearing isn't strong enough, and you need to replace it. If your gear is up to date, make sure to repair it if it breaks, because broken gear loses the attack and defense bonuses it would otherwise have.

Where do I get new gear?
Each Class/Job Quest will reward you with a weapon and armor upgrade upon completion. If you need to replace more of your gear, just about every settlement has a NPC vendor that sells and repairs gear. Vendors in small settlements usually sell gear of a similar level to the enemies in that area, while vendors in the large cities sell gear at a variety of levels. Try to get gear from dungeons that are a similar level to you, because dungeon gear is better than anything sold by NPC vendors for that level. Avoid buying gear on the Market Board, as it's often overpriced.

How do I get new skills?
You'll acquire some skills simply from leveling up, but many skills are unlocked by completing your Class Quest or Job Quest. Prioritize completing Class Quests to make sure you're not missing out on any important skills! You can assign skills to your hotbar from the Actions & Traits menu.

How do I know what my skills do?
In the Actions & Traits menu, when you select any action, a "tool tip" will appear that describes what the selected action will do. Make sure to carefully read these descriptions so you know how to use each skill correctly. If you play using a mouse, you can view tool tips simply by mousing over a skill on your hotbar.

What does "potency" mean?
Potency represents the strength of an attack or healing ability. Because actions will deal a different number of damage or healing depending on your gear and level, rather than displaying a specific damage or healing number, potency describes the strength of each action in comparison to other actions.

When do I use Area of Effect (AoE) attacks?
You should use AoE attacks whenever you are fighting multiple enemies at the same time. AoE skills may appear to have a lower attack potency than single target skills, but that potency is multiplied by the number of enemies within the area of effect, so it ends up doing more damage overall than a single target skill would.

How do I make my gear not look ugly?
You should always be wearing the best gear you have, but if you don't like the way it looks, you can use the Glamour system to make it appear the same as any lower level gear you want it to look like, without losing the higher level gear's stats. Glamour can be unlocked at Level 15 from the quest「If I Had a Glamour」in Vesper Bay. You can use the Glamour Dresser in any inn room to save outfits so you don't have to spend time and glamour prisms applying a glamour to each individual piece of gear. Some gear allows you to change the color using Dyes.

How do I clean out my inventory?
If you're not planning on immediately using an item, you usually should sell it. You can sell items to NPC vendors, or sell them to other players on the Market Board via a retainer. You should do whichever option will get you the most gil for that item. When you reach the rank of Sergeant Second Class in any Grand Company, you can exchange old dungeon gear for Company Seals with Expert Delivery Missions. If you know you want to save an item for later, you can store it in your retainer's inventory or your chocobo saddlebag for easy access. Gear you want to use for glamours should be stored in the Glamour Dresser, or the Armoir if it's from a Seasonal Event (both can be found in any inn room).

What do I do next?
If you have a new Class Quest available, you should complete that before anything else to make sure you're not missing out on any important abilities. If you aren't high enough level to progress your class quest, focus on progressing the Main Scenario quest. Quests with blue icons unlock new content, so you should pick those up as you come across them (with the exception of quests that unlock new classes; those should be saved for later unless you want to change classes). Quests with gold icons reward exp and items, but will not unlock anything new so they can be completed whenever you like or saved for later.

What is Limit Break?
Limit Break is an ability that is shared by a party of 4 or more players. What Limit Break does will change depending on the role of the party member who uses it, and how many bars of the Limit Gauge have been filled. When a Melee DPS class uses Limit Break, it deals massive damage to a single target. When a Ranged or Magic DPS uses Limit Break, it deals damage to all enemies in a line or circle AoE respectively. Tank Limit Break mitigates incoming damage, and Healer Limit Break will heal or revive all party members. When a party member uses Limit Break, the Limit Gauge will empty and nobody else in the party can use Limit Break until it fills again, so use it wisely.
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