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Coeurl (Crystal)

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Diremite web

So I was weaving yesterday and realized I had finally ran out of Dew thread and was going to make more when I noticed I was out of Diremite web too. OTL and so I went to Gridania to fight some of them to get the web drops, but not a single one out of all the ones I fought gave me any web. Is there a reason that they don't drop the crafting items fairly often? If anyone could answer this that would be great.
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Nazreen Eby

Cerberus (Chaos)

Diremite webs drop from banemites in the north shroud (I was at this riddle in 2.0 lol).
Alternatively totorak drops a lot if you run it or just buy off market board they usually arent very expensive

Kit Miyafuji

Coeurl (Crystal)

Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate it!!
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