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We're a real FC!

Woooooo! We're gonna work on getting Rank 2 so we can get a sweet FC crest that we can tackily emblazon on everything!

Broke Staff Artisans, casual crafting, leveling, and roleplaying guild present and accounted for.

I may or may not be procrastinating on that Garuda fight, though. It's tough being a newbie tank...unclear how I ended up with 10 player commendations, maybe it's because I'm usually trapped in a cut scene afterwards and that leaves me as the only person around to commend? I'm expecting to die horribly the first few times I try taking on the lady of the winds.

Fun fact, Garuda is a mythical eagle in Hindu mythology. Its mortal enemy is the Naga, a mythical serpent. Eagles, makes sense, right? Except the snake shoots fireballs and the eagle probably curb stomps it into the ground. In other words, an actual eagle. Not an actual snake, though. Snakes don't shoot fireballs.

(in other news, I'm an idiot noob; just getting that out there in case you were fooled by my amazing blog posts)
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Estara Swanberg

Moogle (Chaos)

If you like comparing the in-game lore to real world inspirations, Ethys Archer - on twitch and youtube is your man.
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