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FATE Zones by Level

For those of you that are just getting started an outlined below the zones you should be leveling and completing FATEs in by player level. It’s important to make use of each area as you level up. Once you get to a point where you have to Level Sync more often than not, move on to the next zone. This way you’ll gain as much experience, gil, and other rewards as possible while completing FATEs.

Levels 1-12: Horizon’s Edge (Located in Western Thanalan)
Levels 13-20: Aleport (Located in Western La Noscea)
Levels 21-30: Quarrymill (Located in the Silent Arbor area of South Shroud)
Levels 28-34: Wineport (Located in the Raincatcher Gully area of Eastern La Noscea)
Levels 30-38: Dragonhead (Located in the Central Highlands area of Coerthas)
Levels 38-42: Camp Revenant’s Toll (Located in the Fogfens area of Mor Dhona)
Levels 42-50: Ceruleum Processing Plant (Located in the Bluefog area of Northern Thanalan)

NOTE: Also keep in mind that these areas have Levemete NPCs within them that will offer you levequests to complete for even more XP if you want. FATEs are faster but picking up a quest here and there can help it not feel as much like grinding.
Comments (21)

Gabriel Purgatan

Goblin (Crystal)

You rock - thanks for the info :)

Walle Pal

Odin (Light)

Thanks for the list :)
I've used FATE farming as primary source for XP for leveling my Whitemage. It's very fast due to the +50% XP from leveling second class.

This list gives a good overview of where to go, when to go for, optimal leveling :)

Kotori Shirakawa

Behemoth (Primal)

Thanks for the list >_<

Mathiu Silverburg

Adamantoise (Aether)

I feel there should be a Quest Hub list by level

Zenchi Raylune

Hyperion (Primal)

thank you for the list

Misha Aresellec

Lich (Light)

this is really helpful, thank's ;)

Rin Chi

Moogle (Chaos)

Thank you <3

Keelah Se'lai

Goblin (Crystal)

Super helpful, thanks <3

Yze Piche

Gilgamesh (Aether)

nice :) thx



This character has been deleted.

Thank for the info. It would help me instead of nonstop Stone Vigil.

Dorian Griffinclaw

Odin (Light)

Thank you for the list :)

Norcal Wildboy

Midgardsormr (Aether)

Awesome breakdown, Thank you!

Wicked Solstar

Diabolos (Crystal)

nice bro

Sola'alona Hawks

Cactuar (Aether)

Thanks for this~!

Rem Senpai

Exodus (Primal)

Thanks for the list

Riko Dashiva

Cerberus (Chaos)

Thank you very much. :)

Deava Primus

Cerberus (Chaos)

Thank you very much, this really helps :)

Tiger Shirogane

Ridill (Gaia)

This is better than some other guides, thank you!!!

Hyape Northsoul

Cerberus (Chaos)

Thank you very much!

Astre An'ei

Lamia (Primal)

This is an old post so I hope you don't mind if I comment. Thank you for sharing this helpful information! I always have this page open in my tabs so I thought I would let you know I appreciate you. ^^

Daidukul Buduga'

Zalera (Crystal)

Thank you! ^^
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