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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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A Beastly Encounter

I have taken my bow and sharpen my arrows
I wind up a raging strike into the heart of the beast
It’s wings do aetherlly glow releasing upon its foe

Time does not know, how many time I have to kill my flying foe. It’s heart like a cold star it blows. In the domain of the beast I must go.

The treasure awaits, its scales and coffers ahold.
A wolf like companion, a weapon, an epic adventure with friends we go.

This like many other encounter my arrows know.
Take my hand, discover new lands. Do not frown the door is open and what mystery awaits? We might never know.

The owl always knows a knowledge it does hold but book it requires not, intuition the truth of all that is know thy self the heart that is.

A beastly encounter always waits for those who search and wait.

I am Louis De Lioncourt
Archer, Bard and Friend
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