Louis Lioncourt

Gilgamesh (Aether)

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I see it, that must mean it exist.
A dream existing in a time that has past.

It happen like this:

Historic buildings, Victorian clothing, people walking along the Main Street.

The night is warm and inviting, music plays in the distance.
A time when the classic are still enjoyed, piano, harpsichord, strings.

In the distance an inviting figure, tall, golden hair, blue deep eyes and skin like porcelain.
He motions, I point to myself, and he confirms.

I quickly follow, a fraction of time passes, he disappears into a dark corner.
Excitement fills me, I move into the shadows expecting a kiss? an embrace? even more!

Time stops, Terror overcomes me, Am I alive?

As he drains my life, a deathly kiss, a Vampire gives to those he preys on.
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