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I Love Decorating: Part 3 - Your Great Outdoors!

Hello to all my friends & visitors! I hope you are all enjoying the early-entry world of Shadowbringers!

[A late entry: due to my extensive use of screenshots, I am going to have to remove pics from older blogs. I'm only allowed so many, & reached my limit with blog #7. I'm truly sorry if you review the older blogs & ss are missing; it cannot be helped. The information posted is still useful, & you can find examples in latest blogs. - Bel]

Today I will be discussing your Front Yard! As this is the actual first impression your home will leave upon visitors, I cannot delay this information any longer.

Even if you are someone who locks their door to avoid having folks drop in (your house is yellow on the map if locked to visitors), your yard is still visit-able. [Personally, I know your items cannot be taken or damaged by visitors, & many of us are still in the process of organizing things, so I don't understand why someone would exclude visitors just because the place "is a mess!"; but that is your choice - as long as you're happy with it. Maybe I'm just curious? Now, if you like to run around in your skivvies, I understand why you would lock the door - giggle]

Now a reminder, just in case you are a new reader of my blog (& welcome!): I'm writing this series of blogs to help & inspire new & older FFXIV house owners in their efforts to make their home the best it can be - their very own! As a former cottage-owner & now a house-owner (mid-size), & as a somewhat prolific screenshooter (is that a word? - yes - I just made it up!), I felt I had enough ss examples to illustrate what I wanted to explain.


As always, any ss will first show Small (cottage) example(s), then Mid-size, then Large (at least I will try to do so). A few friends have graciously allowed me to take ss of their homes/FC estates, so I will be including those from now on. There are so many choices out there for you in the FFXIV World!

If you are willing to share yours, just add a comment giving your permission & include [so I can find you to take the ss - lol]: the name of your world (e.g. Famfrit - my home world), residential area (e.g. Lavender Beds - mine), ward# (mine is #16) & plot# (mine is 35, I think - just moved there a few weeks ago - lol) & I will come to visit you (& take ss, lol). If I can use your 1st name, please let me know! Feel free to visit my home & leave comments in the Visitors Book in front yard (to the right of the gate as you enter - the Dodo stand).

Which brings me back to today's topic (at long last - whew!) - the Yard.

You have a lot of choices for your yard, but only so much inventory space to use for it, so consider your choices before wildly spending your gil on the MB. Fortunately you have storage for both outdoor as well as indoor furnishings, so can switch out that holiday decoration for next year & bring out the barbeque for summer. If you need a Striking Dummy for fighting practice, here is where you place it. A FC estate may have a couple up, say a level 50 & a level 70, to meet members' needs. If you are a real warrior-type, you may want a cannon & its supplies on display. If you are a gardener, here is where you show off your skills. You are limited only by your space, your imagination & your gil.

Here are a few choices I've made.

First, I am a crafter/gatherer, so decided I needed the max number of large garden plots my size house could have: 1 for small, 2 for mid-size & 3 for large. I'm not using them as I first expected, but need them more than ever to grow needed shards & other valuable plants. Also, I love trees, so got as many a I could for a comfortable feeling. I was gifted Dravanian Down Trees (more about them later), & purchased a Far Eastern Willow & an Eastern Pine, one or more from the Housing Vendor, but you can search online for the vendors you need so not including all of them here - but the Housing Vendor is cheaper than the MB (Marketboard). [Sorry about that, fellow Marketboarders!] I added a Bamboo Copse (see Planters in Housing posts), two morning glories, & a plot of sunflowers, 3 benches - and promptly had to decide which items to store, since with night lights, the mini-aetheryte, mailbox, chocobo stable & the garden plot, I had already exceeded my yard inventory limit (lol - I warned you!)


For other ideas of what you might like, I'm including the yards of some friends of mine. I won't include their names today, because I forgot to ask if I could, but they were willing to let me share their homes. Again, first the cottages, then mid-size, then large. They are in various cities, so backgrounds will look different:


As you see, there are a lot of choices. I've barely touched upon them.

But I wished to discuss another thing you should consider for your yard - night lighting. Now, FFXIV has many beautiful & exotic flora to choose from, and plants that glow in the dark are plentiful. I decided that I wanted all corners of my plot (home) to be lit up at night. Now, a cottage has only one side yard, and the others have two narrow side yards, so this is a fun challenge - at least for me it was - hee hee. I was gifted by my FC Leader 3 Dravanian Down trees for my cottage, which I promptly clustered in the back side corner of my yard, with a bench under them & climbing vines to help hide the house behind me. Together, they took care of that corner & I bought a couple of lights for the front yard & won a glowing Moongrass Plot (a potted planter flower) from a retainer's Exploratory Venture, so had a way to see the corners of my yard at night.

(Please excuse any duplicated ss.)

And, for the mid-size house, with its two narrow side yards, I was able to get one more Down tree (one for each corner now), & added another Moongrass plant to have a light on each side of the entry door at night:

(I confess I added the last ss above because I love the fog - lol.)

Now I already had the Moogle Wall in storage for my mid-size house & that included special extras like the fence, roof & an attached patio-like shelter, in which I have placed a bench for now. However, on my cottage I had added these extras - a Glade Composite Roof, which I then dyed a light blue, a Glade Thatch fence, a Glade Thatch Chimney & the patio-like shelter - a Glade Awning.

It turns out that the last addition attaches to the side of a cottage, not the front. The mid-size house gets its awning, or shelter/addition in front (in this case, already added to the Moogle house.), so you are limited in that way - but you can adjust (I did, after sulking a bit - grin.)

As you grow your own secret castle, you will continue to discover new & fascinating items that you 'must have,' or that scream You! I truly hope you enjoy creating the home you love as your very own. And best of all, once you have bought it - there's no mortgage!

Next time I will venture into your vendors, & work spaces that you might want for your home - whether it be a desk in a corner, or a whole room!

As always, I wish for you & yours a happy time here in the World of FFXIV, & may your home truly be your very own castle

Until next time! And spread the word if you know fellow house-lovers, to come by & visit my blog & my house. Bless you all!

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Grandpa Pajamas

Excalibur (Primal)

I love the swamp tree / Bamboo combo for the yard
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