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Shout out to Shiranui Belegrahd and Queen Mean!

Well, I didn’t know this feature existed until now so I just wanted to make use of it lol.

Shout out to Shiranui Belegrahd and Queen Mean for helping me run Urths Fount for the mage top last night.

I was just sitting online looking at cool glams, dreaming about end game gear, and about clearing ultimate raids when I saw the Odin mage top and thought it looked cool enough to go farm for it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t even have the quest unlocked after months of playing. Went and unlocked it, easy, and ran a few duty finders. 3 hours later, no luck. I was getting exhausted and went to go create a party finder but stumbled across someone else asking for help running an extreme trial so I joined that.

After chatting to the party about how unlucky I’ve been I met Shiranui, who was nice enough to offer to help me run Odin unsynced to get the top. I figured why not and started a party finder since I thought it would go better with another member or two.

Then luckily, Queen Mean dropped in the party from the party finder and helped out too. With just the three of us, me as a healer, Shira as tank, and Queen as DPS we cleared around 10 runs before I finally got the top and it only took 30 or so minutes vs. the few hours I spent on it earlier… phew.

Anyways, I just wanted to hop on here since I didn’t know this was a feature but also to shout these two out for helping me get the top.

Now, hopefully I can find a casual static or fc that needs a healer around *wink wink*
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