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I'm Getting Married! (and other exclamations)

Hi! It's me, the lavender scented purveyor of ruffled goods known as Quinne Ardour here to give you an update on my so-called adventures, and a little later I'll be using the phrase 'concerningly lascivious', so look forward to that.

Since my introductory post I've been up to all manner of things! That is if you're willing to accept standing around deciding which /cpose looks best on me as all manner of things. No, that's not true, I have been doing things, and people keep telling me to stop being so self-deprecating, so here we go >w<b

Money. I've been making it! I'd like to get a medium plot for my FC so I've been 'going hard', as it were. I'm up to like 30 million now and please send help I can't stop o__o I love housing so much; it's one of my favourite things in-game and I'm very fortunate to have some super talented friends who are looking forward to us having more space to work their magic with, so I am excite. c: Also, totally random, but I ran into Ashen Bride on her Chaos alt and I fangirled so hard omg, it was embarrassing. I think at one point I actually said 'please sign my horns!' and whatsmore, friends, I meant it with all my heart. Please continue to think fondly of me even though I'm ever so lame.

In other FC based news we had a one month anniversary party recently and goodness me it was a precious time♥ We played games, wore jumpers, and said the word 'cute' about 12897 times. I wonder how many of you enjoy stuff like that. :o Quite a lot of people I know seem to be focused on PvE only, which I like too, but I also enjoy making my own fun! Truthfully, a lot of the time I use FFXIV as an online chatroom and fashion simulator. :')

But not always! As I finally hit level 80 and cleared 5.0, woo! Since I had lots to catch up on I spent an evening getting my i485 relic, melding my gear, doing the Nier raid (I got my coffer on the first try ;w;), and cleared Eden Normal too! My gosh Eden was soooo much fun! I think I did pretty well also, for my first time anyway! Maybe I'll try savage one day. Well I most certainly will if they ever decide to add Gaia's hold-ups as a reward, which they won't, but a pastel Au Ra can dream. :3

Anyway! As well as that I managed to get my anima weapon for AST! Goodness that was a grind. x) It didn't hurt too bad, though, as I took it slowly and had friends helping me through lots of it!

Isn't it so pretty? I love it ;w; What do you think of that glamour by the way? It's not very me, but I wanted to have something for srs bsns time as I thought maybe the pastel jumper wouldn't cut it in Eden Savage lmao, although I still think I'm at my strongest when dressed like cotton candy uwu I'm not sure if I'm going to keep that glamour, because I am getting some, um, concerningly lascivious comments from people about it lol - the top is bought with PvP seals btw, which again isn't a very me thing but I like to do everything three times: once just to try, the second time to see if I like it, and the third to confirm that I don't. :')

Although I will soon be doing something in-game that I've wanted to do forever, and that's get married!! My betrothed is a sweet and soft Au Ra friend named Mika Tsuki, and if you don't mind I'd like to dedicate a paragraph to set the scene of my proposal~

Well, firstly, I was nervous lol ;w; We met in Il Mheg, which is our favourite zone, and we flew around in the moogle mount some as I chatted nonsense :D Eventually we landed somewhere pretty and, rather than blurt out something lame and tasteless, I managed to neatly segue into opening the trade window, putting the bracelet in there, and popping the question, to which she said yes! Well, actually, she said "sdlkjshgf yes ;w;" which I found very endearing lol :') And no, Sdlkjshgf is not the name of a Roegadyn NPC.

So cute. ;w; Our wedding is this Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it! The whole Eternal Bonding quest is so extra and I love it for that; you can choose the colour of the carpet, the flowers, the cloth, as well as picking your own cutscenes and music, it's great!

Gosh I've really gone on for a while now, haven't I? o__o I'll leave this missive here then and say thanks for reading! As always, if you find yourself on Spriggan do say hello, it's always a pleasure to chat with like-minded adventurers. c:

Yours chu~ly,
Quinne x
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Mika Tsuki

Spriggan (Chaos)


Quinne Ardour

Spriggan (Chaos)


Lorelei Kuraine

Spriggan (Chaos)


Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

Your screenshots are amazing, so cute! And congrats on the upcoming wedding!

Quinne Ardour

Spriggan (Chaos)

aw, thank you so much, that's very sweet of you♥

Mimi Zure

Spriggan (Chaos)

I love this Quinne! I should probably get a glamour ready for the wedding in... *checks watch* 3 hours, goodness me! Lots of love and see you soon x
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