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The DRK Who Outperformed Me

I don't celebrate Christmas, but it is still a major holiday here, and I got the entire week off! Over Christmas eve and Christmas Day, I hopped into some parties to help with learning or with clears.

I was able to help this SAM clear E1S. Their party appeared in PF several times over the last few days, from fresh learning, to final phase, then to clear. The SAM performed really well for someone in non-Savage gear, and I felt they had learned their job properly.

Unfortunately my next clear party did not go well. It was an E2S clear party started by a BLM. I don't think dps was a problem, but mechanics mistakes and multiple deaths always wiped us... indeed, I myself was the cause of 1 of the wipes, as I waited too long to get into position for delayed flares. The furthest we got was the end of 2nd flares, and we never saw Quietus. I feel sorry for the BLM herself, who did mechanics correctly.

On Christmas eve I found this E4S fresh learning party with a cute description. Lol!

I joined them later on along with Panda. It was my first time tanking together with Panda, and it's so nice having a co-tank you can coordinate with. By the time we joined, they had already managed to reach phase 2. Unfortunately we were not able to clear Tectonic Uplift 1, but everyone felt satisfied at the progression. By the way, I was very impressed with the RDM in the party, who taught the newbies over voice and kept up a positive atmosphere throughout.

* * *

And just now, I joined an E2S clear party started by a DRK who had seen enrage!

Now, usually, I am used to my co-tank in the E2S clear party asking to be off-tank, so by default I assume I will be MT. In this fight, the off-tank has little responsibility and need not position the boss, so inexperienced players prefer this role. However, this particular DRK instead asked to be MT. "I have to learn," he said. As a teacher I have a lot of respect for people trying to learn, so I let him tank.

Funnily, despite being the supposedly experienced one, I myself was quite careless: I forgot to eat food, forgot to turn on recording, and completely messed up my skill rotation several times. I thought the 1st pull would be a wipe, and decided not to drink DPS potions and see how it went first, expecting to see a lot of careless mistakes and deaths.

Then, halfway I wondered, why is it going so smoothly? The DRK's movements were a little stiff but he did all mechanics correctly, the 2 BLM are pumping out more firepower than a battleship at 16k and 17k dps, healers are mitigating and healing like champs. There are some tiny mistakes but the boss is at 7% when Quietus begins to cast, and we killed it after the 1st cycle. I was so shocked, the E2S clear party 1-shot the boss! I think this is the only E2S clear party in history that killed the boss in 1 pull!

I do not regularly look up the logs of my Savage party members on the 3rd-party website that shall not be named to judge them. I myself was never judged or kicked when I only had poor logs, so I don't feel I have the right to judge others who do not have good logs. I just assume you are on the same journey of learning that I went through. Besides, while skilled players produce good dps, I now feel there is a lot about a good player that is not reflected in the battle log, or even your dps performance.

However, I really felt that this DRK played very well, and wanted to confirm my suspicions. So I looked up my own profile on the 3rd-party website. Indeed, someone in the party had uploaded the log of that fight. The DRK did about the same DPS as I did, and I am well equipped with the Edengrace sword. So, for him to manage such a performance on a 1st clear is no small feat!

He did well in terms of attitude, mechanics, and DPS, and I felt he really earned his clear. Shoutout to an awesome DRK!

* * *

I once read a funny comment on Reddit. It was a player who was protesting SE's decision to release only 1 dungeon per patch, and said he had no interest in doing Savage, because, I quote: "It takes too much luck to find 7 other competent people to do the fight."

If you think casual players cannot be egoistical and elitist, look no further. I think it takes a very special kind of arrogance to look down on people in content that one is not good enough to do.

But I think he is wrong. In game as in real life, we create our own luck. If you're well-prepared, positive, and willing to learn and do your best, there's no question that the party's chance of success goes up when you join it!
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Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

here I thought you were talking about me or mahdi! leblah! not that we possibly could cause I mean, siggy is the bestest yus yus

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Lol! Come on you Espy... you and Mahdi don't need me to write a blog explaining that you are good! :p

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)


Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

"It takes too much luck to find 7 other competent people to do the fight."

You can never find perfection anywhere, but you can make something godsdamned close to it! haHAA! Bravo!
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