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Gpose "Cultist" SMN set

When good bunbuns go bad...

I always wanted to do something along the lines of a "tribal" or "feral" SMN glam. Something more in line with a cult than anything else. I finally found all the pieces for the ideal glam, but couldn't get any good ideas for screenshots with it. That was until I found a song, Soothsayer by Zack Hemsey. The atmosphere stuck in my head and I found my inspiration.

Twitter post with HQ uploads -

Soothsayer by Zack Hemsey -

Glamour set

Book: Shinryu's Ephemeral Grimoire

Head: Bonewicca Whisperer's Mask

Body: Star Velvet Himation of Casting (dyed Marsh Green)

Hands: Republican Signifer's Fingerless Gloves (dyed Metallic Brass)

Legs: Indigo Ramie Skirt of Casting

Feet: Republican Signifer's Caligae (dyed Soot Black)
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