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Duocycle Journeys 8: Vesper Bay... Had a shortcut?

It was a nice night for a ride.
As I arrived at Horizon, I remembered the many times I had to walk on this path to Vesper Bay.
I can't remember how many times a random creature tried to chase me while I was passing by here.

For all that time I passed by here, I never had the Tickets to easily get here.
Speaking of Vesper Bay, for the longest time I forgot that from Limsa Lominsa, I could have just rode a ferry straight to here...

Oh the countless times I had to pass by that watery path. I even fell into the water when I wasn't paying attention because I was being chased by a big bord.

Oh the good Old days~

Back then, when I first met the scions, I could only look at them and think of them as odd.
Now, they are my most precious friends.

Oh! Speaking of Vesper Bay, I just remembered that this is where someone thought me how to prepare my wardrobe. Life had been much more colorful since that. I even met an eccentric Aesthetician around here as well.

Oh? It's morning already?
Now then... Where is that "inspector"...
I hope he's not into ... more trouble.
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