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The Accidental FATE

I was just traveling the countryside through organ-music loving Coerthas again when I spied a group of three fighting some great big giant of a monster and they were struggling. Nearly dying sort of struggling. So, I unsheathed my bow and started picking off the little guys and applying some good damage to the boss. They realized I was helping and I got invited to party up with them, which I accepted.

We kept fighting and kept dodging the big blows. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, I got hit from an AOE I didn't see from the big guy. I go down and realize that all of the little adds re-spawned and nobody realized. That's when things got hectic. I was just about to respawn to New Gridania when I got a rez.

Time to get up again and start wailing! I start tackling the adds and notice that our little party grew from three or four to eight! There was a healer who was a rez machine. Spells were flying everywhere, attacks were happening. There were at least two bards (including me) in the party because I notice my DOT spells were on the boss twice. It was nuts!

Finally, we get him down. Everyone cheers! Thanks were had and the party was dissolved as we went our separate ways.

A little band of strangers took down a huge monster. I've never seen people band together like that unless they were forced to by a trial or a story dungeon. More and more I am seeing healers not rez in a dungeon and here was a MVP of a healer keeping everyone alive. It was amazing!

I will probably never see that group of people again. It was a chance encounter in the snowy mountains of Coerthas. An encounter that should live on in legend and in song.

So the tale is told.
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