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Entry 1: This place (an RP journal entry)

I had a new experience the other night. I found a place I could relax. Nothing asked and nothing expected of me.
A little hole in the wall. The 3 friends inside, they slung stories and I listened. When they asked if I had any, I told them nothing of interest and to many sad memories and they didn't pry. Something told me they knew similar pain. I could feel it in the air. And see it on their faces.
The ale kept flowin' that night and as I wobbled out, more floaty then I was plannin', I was invited back with warm smiles and waves. Well at least thats what I thought I saw

Over the next day I couldn't wait to go back. To see them again. But when I got to the door. Dark thoughts invaded my head and I stopped.
'They arn't your friends'
'Dont bother them.'
'you dont belong'
'Leave. Go home'

I got to the inside red door. Afraid to open it. Afraid they already heard me. I had to make a choice. Enter or leave.
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