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My adventure with friend 2022/05/13

I was wondering what to do.......
until suddenly, as I teleported to razahan,
I heard in the black loading screen “emote” to me...!?
When looking, it was somebody who used “wave”......
I wondered what or who it was.........
So I went back home to check out.

As I was looking around my house,
I find a fellow lalafelline, she was staring.
Slowly, I apologize to her in Japanese. And then,
without words, she comes over.

Her next emote was “point”.....
I look to what she is pointing? Oh.......
It was my cute garden snowman!!!!!!
I inspected the person and looked...
She was from non-Japanese person, and here
I spoke to her in Japanese the whole time!!!!!!

“Taiwan FC” so, I spoke English....
and she finally responded!
She said, this is so cute! Applauded me,
“may I use it for my home?”
Of course!!!!! This is not my own design,
you may use it! So I used “beckon”.
I made her come around
the corner and into the snowman,
I showed her the hidden design and way to
craft this snowman........

It was cute! She was happy!
She asked, you don't mind!? No,
of course not! Go for it!! I said........
I explained where I got the items from,
then I told her, I am trying with my friend get “candy house”........

She said “I can make you a candy house!”
I was shocked! For free!?
Yes!!! We looked into my messy house,
then we went to her house.
Her house is mindblowing, refreshing...... beautiful........
Then mine house became embarrassment.
But, it's okay!We went out,
we started to play in the garden
and after a while of being tired of playing,
we went to decide of what to do.

She said “I am going to make you a candy house now.....
It will be done in 20 minutes!”
We looked at market how much it sells..
....2.2 mil!!!!(゚△゚;ノ)ノ

So, as she was crafting my candy house,
I crafted new items for the garden.
I have to decorate it newly,
i am inspired to make my home look better....cuter!
So we started to get working on our own projects............
an hour or so later, since we took breaks in between,
we finally did it !!!!!!!!

I have my candy house,
a new friend and I had so much fun!!!!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Later, I woke my friend up and showed him our new house.
He wa svery happy. We decided to take a nap together. And now I blogged. ♥

Since, I am also trying to rebuild my house.
This is it now! for the time being.
Thank you for reading.

The sweet new friend is Mitoni Ejinn ♫

(I was permitted to share name♪♪)
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Mitoni Ejinn

Typhon [Elemental]

mitoni is here XD <3
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