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After 2 years, had to update something!

It has been a while, stay a while and read a bit? lol

Underwent some self-reflecting during the previous blog to this. Though I feel like I'm making progress, it seems it is very slow compared to others at times and at other times I just imagine I still on step 1. Just munching on the basic bread of life to get by.

Ingame, I began to wish for a change in whatever small way, so I ended up purchasing a fantasia again. Went Lalafell for a time (more as a joke)...

...but ended up as a Au Ra (which I'm enjoying the return of headgear and slim frame)

Still continue to enjoy the game, even with the lack of content I able to participate in willingly (I don't savage raid and hardly pvp). With the recent eureka... err. Southern Front addition, being able to play around again with the few folks still playing within the almost dead linkshells/free company folk. Even with my move to another FC, due to everyone's busy schedule, not many are on to participate. In the mean time I went for some glam hunting to fill in time before the new Resistance patch

Nonetheless, getting some enjoyment from the new patch via new mounts and possible attempts at the new Castrum Lacus Litore (thankfully haven't failed thanks to the few willing to lead the multiple groups). It is sort of funny that, for it being new content, it is amazing how quickly folks will figure out the run and demand everyone to follow suit right away. As always, have to adjust eh?

...snap to it eh?

faster = adjusting yes?

I'm thankful that the upgrades for the Resistance weapons are more easily accessible (albeit still restricted to HW content cause.... besides the minor lore reference, couldn't just use bitter memories from the battlefronts and skirmishes from stormblood areas as well >_<). As of now, I have: PLD, NIN, MNK, SCH, and SMN weapons, with priority given to jobs that I have an itch to get (and that I like the look of...of course :p).

Beyond all that, I caved and end up purchasing the Gabriel mount (yoship* loot boxes are the bane of my existence) and looking for cheaper prices on the other mount.

Rank 13 and slowly losing interest in Bozja besides getting in the Castrum runs to upgrade my SCH armors (interest in SCH rose after noticing nobody aside from 1 in the FC plays it as a main healer...everyone went WHM or stayed WHM after the AST changes).

I hope everyone continues to have fun and stay safe from Covid. Hitting past another birthday and just saying thanks for playing (If I encountered you during a Duty Roulette or Party Finder that is :)

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