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Fish Cartography and Exploration

Hello and welcome everyone to my first Lodestone blog post! I have spent the last half a year travelling through every corner of the realm, carefully inspecting every ilm, to develop a new tool for fishers:, a catalogue of every fishing location in FFXIV*.
*or rather, every fishing location that contributes to a fisher's Fishing Log.

A common question for fishers entering a region for the first time, and sometimes even for experienced fishers looking for that one spot they could never quite remember... Experienced fishers have the in-game Fishing Log available to assist them but sometimes it can be misleading, for example the Fishing Log directs the user to inaccessible terrain for the Singing Shards in Mor Dhona rather than the lake itself!

A screenshot of the in-game Fishing Log's circle marking the supposed location of the Singing Shards.

An edit of the in-game map of Mor Dhona which has colour-coded and labelled every location a player could use the Cast ability from, as seen at

The map provided to users of my tool correctly indicates the player-accessible coastline of the lake as where one should go to cast into the Singing Shards, demarcates which parts of the coastline would cast into The North Shards instead, and indicates that a player would need their fishing level to be at least 45 to cast into the Singing Shards (A "legendary fishing hole" locked by the ability Gulleye). Which leads into another challenge for new fishers... They don't get this information until they have reached a sufficient level and successfully cast into the fishing hole! For some fishers, the experience of exploring unsuspecting corners of the region for new fishing holes is a deeply enjoyable experience and finally reaching a sufficient level to access the legendary fishing hole is an exciting accomplishment but that does not describe all fishers. My tool makes the locations and levels of fishing holes accessible to all who desire, check it out at!

50 Fishing Spots of Interest
In the process of creating that tool I came across dozens of interesting fishing spots and I'd like to share some of them! I will sort them by expansion so that readers can avoid spoilers for regions they haven't yet seen.

A Realm Reborn
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One of my favourite areas in the game, the Singing Shards has a clear view of scars left in by the fall of Dalamud.
If you ever feel like getting lost in a white void, witchdrop may be the fishing hole for you!

La Noscea
Once you gain flight in ARR regions countless new areas become accessible for exploration. One of these areas is the upper parts of the Foremast in Middle La Noscea, where you can cast into Summerford.
Another area that becomes accessible with flight is the beacons surrounding Moraby Drydocks. From these vantage points you can cast into Moraby Drydocks and Moraby Bay.
In Eastern La Noscea I always thought that the East Agelyss River was only accessible from Raincatcher Gully in the West but it turns out the Hidden Falls Docks work too!
It is readily apparent that Western La Noscea is scattered with boats both broken and whole but did you know there are accessible boats in caves outside of the Sapsa Spawning Grounds? The vibes here are real spooky...
Thanalan's Dunefishing has nothing on the... dirtfishing? in Upper La Noscea. I look like a fool in this image but what else should I have expected from Fool Falls?
Outer La Noscea's Northwest Bronze Lake fishing, when accessed from the right spot, can provide a wonderful view of the ruins of Nym and the Mark of the patron diety Oschon the Wanderer.

The Shroud
The lake of The Vein in Central Shroud is home to a cozy pillar from which you can bask in the architecture of the Carline Canopy.
While the Fishing Log may suggest otherwise, the Sylphlands fishing hole is accessible in several locations including at the Hanging Barbs at the northernmost edge of East Shroud.
Unlike the unique Goblinblood fishing hole southeast of Quarrymill, the small body of water north of Quarrymill is in fact the East Hathoeva River!
The Mark of Byregot the Builder is accessible from Rootslake, one of few that are accessible from a fishing hole. Very appropriate for the home of the Son of Levin!
After a very short flight from the Fallgourd Float Aetheryte, the roof of The Bobbing Cork is a lovely retreat.

The Moondrip cave in Western Thanalan has a secret...
Neither these goblins or these fences can stop me from casting into the Silver Bazaar!
If you ever feel out of touch from nature, casting into Upper Soot Creek from here should help a lot.
I am a sucker for anywhere with corrupted aether protrusions so it is little wonder this view of The Burning Wall made it to my list.
Much further South than the rest of the Sagolii Desert lies this tiny little section opening to a shockingly clean view!
The Fishing Log implies Bluefog can only be cast into from the South end of Northern Thanalan but apparently this bit at the North end exists too!

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Many fishers are familiar with the idea of there being two places to cast into Riversmeet, beneath The Pike and outside Camp Riversmeet, but there is a third on the north side of the Black Iron Bridge!
Most fishers cast into The Blue Window from the background of this image so I was surprised to learn that it wasn't the only option!
The Delta Quadrant in Azys Lla is so large I never explored it much beforehand but there is a lot to find!
When I found this platform I was hoping for an alternative for Anyx Old but alas, it simply casts into Mourn.
When you start getting curious, The Iron Feast actually has a lot to explore!
This cute little cave can be found dug into the cliffside around Thaliak River!
It turns out that one balcony is not the only place to cast into Tharl Oom Khash from!
When investigating the boundaries of Landlord Colony I found it surprisingly easy to get myself stuck in locations not intended to be traversed.

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Did you know you could walk around behind some of the waterfalls in Rhalgr's Reach?
This one particular spot of The Fringes posed a unique challenge in my tool... both Dimwold and The Comet's Tail can be cast into from the same X-Y coordinates!
Despite being clearly marked on the map I never realized this ridge at Grymm & Enid existed!
Many fishers have their own preferred spots for casting into Loch Seld but I bet most didn't know this was an option... and what's that up there anyways?
Isari fishing buddies!
The Isle of Zekki isn't so hard to get to when you realize these ridges are an option...
When you cast from a height your lure actually covers horizontal distance, this effect becomes quite apparent here at Heron's Way where you have to back up to cast!
Look at that distance!!

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"No Entry" doesn't have to mean "No Fishing!"
I've seen fishers cast into the Isle of Ken from many different places but never the top platform!
White Oil Falls can give you a shower while you fish!
If you ever feel you need a break from the crowds at the River of Sand, that can be arranged with two giant walls of separation!
I often read "Father Collard's Failings" as "Fallings," which is appropriate given where you can end up with a little falling!
With both of these pictures casting into Longmirror Lake you might get some idea why it is one of my favourites! There are many interesting spots, I recommend you take a look yourself!
Every time I visit Lake Tusi Mek'ta I try to fish from a different spot but often forget the lily pads are traversable!
The North side of Flounder's Floor has a strange pool that isn't marked on the map...

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On the East end of Deepmoat you can get low down but the same position on the West side doesn't work, strange.
Normally, access to Ksiroda is considered gated by MSQ but with a little hiking you can get to it early!
You're in good hands when you cast into The Font of Maya from here...
If you don't like the typical vibe of The Stainless Course, a more natural environment atmosphere is available to the East.
Good news: There is a stunning view of Greatest Endsvale atop this orb. Bad news: The view is COMPLETELY blocked a couple times a minute.
It's almost harder to find somewhere you CAN'T cast from in Ultima Thule... try scooting around to change up the scenery!
Lethe's source offers a pleasant view of the lake.

I hope you enjoyed this little exploration, I know I had fun! I encourage everyone to explore the realm and search out more interesting places, there is lots hidden in the environment waiting to be found! Please check out my fishing tool as well if you think it could be helpful and give me some feedback; Good or bad I'd like to hear it!
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