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5.21 ex craft rotation (II)

Hiho, since the post last week I've crafted my lil tato heart out (around 1m pts atm) and ended up changing around some things. I haven't been particularly fond of WN2 since the beginning and ended up dropping it completely. My current rotation still relies on obs baiting to some extent but I think it's much more consistent, somewhat shorter (28-45 step), and overall doesn't make me wanna kms spamming HT. It does feel a bit less capable of recovering from massive RS failure compared to the previous, but the overall throughput is better which outweighs that I think.

I adjusted my melds a bit too, to hit the 2559 craft breakpoint.
This saves 7cp/10dura in circumstance where 3rd RS is unbuffed. It's just a bit comfier imo, esp as I'm running SB pot over CP pot, due to laziness and lala greed.

Under blood bouillaw/e I'm at 2564 / 2537 / 622 on spec.
This relatively cheap set to achieve:
T8 in 100% slot, some in 17% slot. dumb melds using cheap/old materia.

Anyways, anyways:


- if it seems like a 2nd ven will be needed (due to failed RS)
- if excessive cp being used
- if need to regen dura under manip

Generally, prioritize Precise Touch.

- Manip >>>> MM > Prudent // Prep (if buffs up)

Manip restores 40d/48cp, MM restores 30d/44cp.
- if there's 1-2 stacks remaining on manip, overwrite manip, unless at 25- dura.
- if 30 dura, and 3+ manip stacks, I usually MM and eat the loss of a manip tick.
- if not worthwhile using either, use prudent.

Patient Touch
- on yellow, at 3, 5, or 6 stacks

Hasty Touch
- not if you can help it
- but I tend to use it on yellow if low on cp
- on white in the instance I want to burn dura down so manip doesnt overcap

General Flow


I prefer Reflect still. Feels more flexible + starting at 3 stacks with immediate opportunity to Patient on Step 2 yellow to 6 stacks quite strong. But I will include options:

- Ven, RS x2, Final Appraisal, RS; or
- Ven, RS x2, unbuffed RS
finishing with basic synth

if sub 2559 craft, unbuffed RS must be followed with:
- basic, basic (finish); or
- cs (finish)

Ideally you try to get it all under ven. If only succeed 1 under ven, recast ven. If only succeed 2 under ven, not required to recast for 3rd RS.

- Ven, RS, Final Appraisal, RS; or
- Ven, RS, unbuffed RS; or
- Ven, RS, GW
finishing with basic synth

will also need extra synth if below 2559

It is not required to do all synth action in a row!
In this phase (sub 11 IQ):

- if blue, use basic touch
- if yellow, use patient touch at 3/5/6, else use HT
- if red, prioritize precise unless ToT req'd
(I realize this a bit vague, but it something you get feel for, beyond the condition I list for ToT)
- obs spam on white, or prudent touch if can afford the cp

I tend not to RS on yellow (unless ven up), and instead use it on white/blue to fish.


Once 1 synth from finish and 11 IQ reached:

GS > Inno > Obs > Focus Touch

This sort of spike-based quality reduces reliance on pliant proc for durability, as most of the cp is being funneled into buffs.

If red proc pops, use Precise.
This flow is nice bc it gives 3 opportunity for buffed precise, while regen up to 3 tick of manip without unnecessary obs spam.

Regarding blue proc, it depend on your dura/cp.
I tend to ignore if it pop after inno, opting for chance of red after obs.
If pops after obs, use it over focused.
If you prefer, can also prep after inno on sturdy (or sometimes pliant).

The extra 2 tick of inno go with priority to precise as always, then prudent touch. As CP during this phase may become an issue depending on prior # of failure, and whether you must hardcast Manip/MM, can consider balancing yellow on HT again.

Be careful with overcapping dura when using 3 buff in a row - it better to burn it off on HT or basic than sit at 60d with manip tick disappearing (I'm guilty of this).


This spreadsheet (by Rietty Lavoie) was posted on the DoH bbs, so I will include it here over my previous finishers, as it seems more inclusive, but I will usually default to Inno, Prudent/HT, Prudent/HT, GS, Byregot, depending on CP.

One more day to go!
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