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Eidolon-Prelude of Shadows #8

The Voidsent broke through the gates from Central Coerthas. Attacking many in the town as fast as they could. They came to take them all but failed. In the ten years since the Eighth umbral calamity, all of those living within the Revenant's Toll were well armed and knew how to defend themselves. No one traveled in the town without a weapon.

This was a means to help assure no bandits would dare to steal, nor try to take over, at first at least. However, several other threats came to pass in time. Such as the giants attacking the town to try and take civilians as a food source. There onslaught failed and the most unfortunate part was there extinction to follow. Wildlife would occasionally attack as well, however they never attacked in droves, merely seeking food.

As the voidsent began to retreat, I stood outside in the middle of the road, picking off several with my sidearm. Beside me, Fal slashed through a large voidsent with two blades. Even the might of voidsent were incapable of taking the town. Unfortunately as the last of them were destroyed, we found two of our own guards dead beside the walls. The wounds upon there body were deep and likely they did not suffer long.

However, the loss of two would be felt by all. A few moments later, the lot of us held a meeting inside the Seventh Heaven bar. Everyone including Sultana Nanemo had to decide what next to do.

"We can not let this happen again. First we need to find out where they are coming from." Nanemo stated while sitting upon her chair next to Pockets, whom she had since taken too as her own sister of sorts. Cid and the Ironworks gang were already busy trying to find the source with aetherial readers. I sat down next to Senna whom was playing with the cait sith doll, not paying much attention too everyone else while Krehmia was tinkering on something beside her.

They both kept quiet for the adults. I wrapped a dark blue scarf around my shoulders. Adjusting my gun and ammo cartridge, I finally spoke up as I looked to Senna.

"She can find it a lot easier." I stated to everyone as they glanced to Senna whom was now looking around, blushing.

"Senna is an esper, just like me. She can sense aetherial warp signatures as we get closer to them. However, it means I will have to take her with me." I placed my weapon upon my back.

"I'll come with, make sure she's safe with you. You can trust me." Fal stated walking beside me.

"From what we can tell, it's manifesting from the Black Shroud. The aether currents are still however too screwed up for us to get a better aim." Cid stated as he patted Biggs shoulder.

"Is she ready to go with you?" Pockets asked curious as she looked to Senna curious.

"I can not keep her from the world any longer. She is ten, and she is got a long road ahead of her." I suggested as I stood up and walked over to her in the far corner.

"Come on, get yourself dressed for a trip. We leave immediately by chocobo." She looked up at me smiling as she stood up with her cait sith doll in hand.

"Okay mummy!" Senna rushed past me and ran into the Rising Stones headed to our room to get changed. I followed her, knowing she would likely take forever alone.

Fal waited for us outside as he made ready his chocobo and mine. Senna and I walked out finally, her covered up in some fitting leathers top to bottom as she sighed to herself.

"It's not pretty mum." She frowned as I wrapped her cait sith doll around her shoulders.

"It is quite cute on you Senna. and it will protect you. It is going to get slightly cold on our way to the shroud." I stated to her as we walked up to my red colored chocobo and I mounted up. Fal helped her up to sit in front of me as my chocobo kewhed happily, nuzzling at her quickly with his beak. She giggled as she stroked his head feathers.

"Coerthas is not as cold as it use to be. But it is slightly chilled this time of year." Fal stated as he mounted upon his chocobo. Senna grasped the saddle front as we began to run toward the gates. The gates slid open and we headed quickly to Coerthas. Upon reaching the once snowy wastelands, we were quite amazed at the land that was now mostly stone.

"Everything has become rather dead here..." I stated as fal shook his head a bit.

"The aetherial currents messed with the lands weather. All the snow turned to ice and water and stone. A shame to not get to see the vast land it once was." Fal looked out to the stone surroundings, shaking his head as we headed toward the Black Shroud. Traversing took a good portion of the day.

We avoided other settlements as best as we could. The best idea was not to risk coming close to other places. With little to trade, and two women, one being young. Bandits would likely follow or attempt to take either of us. Fal was also a rarity being a miqo'te male.

They were already rare before the Black Rose. Now, the miqo'te women still around would leap at the chance. From our intel, most places in coerthas were now considered bandit territory as well. Riding into the the Black Shroud however, we quickly found the once beautiful forest, was now a dark swamp. The water from coerthas likely drained and flooded the forest to marsh lands.

"Oh lovely.." I stated as Senna looked out at the swamp, curious and enjoying what she could see.

"It kinda smells mummy." She stated, covering her nose and sticking her tongue out in distaste.

"Agreed." I stated to her, patting the top of her hair as our chocobos began to slowly walk through the marsh.

"Now, sweetie, I need you to close your eyes and focus. I want you to concentrate on the strong aether nearest us." I spoke to her quietly as the chocobo continued to walk toward old Fallgourd Float. I suspected it to be another bandit camp, and so I was ready to attack.

"What does aether feel like mummy?" She asked looking up to me as I glanced to Fal.

"Use your aurora heal." He nodded to me and waited for Senna to close her eyes. He cast his aurora heal upon himself and I could see the interest in her peak.

"Okay, now, I want you to feel that or something similar. Point where you feel the strongest aether." I pat her head as she tried to concentrate for me. She pointed toward the south east. Entering the old Fallgourd Float, both Fal and I were shocked to see how empty it was. The aetheryte in the middle of the town was shattered as most were.

"No bodies, no one alive. What do you suppose happened here?" Fal asked as he glanced to me. I shook my head just as confused while we continued past the town and headed toward Gridania.

"We'll come back and see if we can find some supplies." Fal stated while having his chocobo scout ahead for enemies. The bridges seemed in tact for the most part. Though being close to the water over time without replacing boards, they were not very safe to cross over. Thankfully that did not matter much due to the waters being raised in different areas and drying in others.

We made our way to into Gridania, or the former as it once was. Now, ten years following the black rose, the land had clearly taken it all back. The darkness of this land was now giving off a tense and haunting feeling. Senna seemed quiet while focusing on the aether. She pointed to the right toward the conjurers guild, past such was the Lotus Stand, where Kan-E-Sennas meeting grounds use to be.

The three of us dismounted and walked into the Lotus Stand. Within we came to find one person standing at the edge near the flowing waters. It was looking out into the distance, but slightly turned toward us as it noticed our presence.

"You're quite late, Favored Child." He stated, turning around completely to reveal himself as Odin. The armor glowed a faint dark blue around him as he held Zantetsuken in his hand. Sheathing it, he lifted his hands to his helmet and removed it, letting it disappear as he stood slowly walked before us. Mahdi, the son of odin, was now the full rebirth of his father. His long hair flowed to his back while his silver colored skin and blackened eyes shimmered in the darkness.

"Mahdi? How did you..." I went to ask but stopped as he held his hand up, interupting me.

"When Autumn died from the effects of mans war, I decided it best to try and mend my wounds out here in the forest of my father. The elementals however, have been angered beyond repair. The shroud is in dissary and I found the best way to keep things in check, was to become its protector." He stated as he walked past me, and knelt down beside Senna.

"The last Daughter of Eikons. Quite cute." He pat her head, but made her slightly confused.

"Mahdi, a decent amount of voidsent attacked Mor Dhona recently. It was discovered they came from the Shroud. Do you know anything about that?" I asked, making him look up toward me until he stood up.

"I know of it. The Black Shroud is home to many problems right now. The old lands of Amdapor are seeping with magicks that have been tampered with due to the aetherial disruptions. That is likely the source of the voidsent." He walked out of the Lotus Stand, and out to the old gridania city.

"I have stopped many, however it is not enough to simply cut them down. They are trying to gain a stronghold within the world. The best means to do so is by taking highly populated areas and turning all those that remain within to be food, or worse."

I remained behind him, holding Sennas hand as we followed closely.

"Why come from Amdapor? Isn't it likely to come from a land more suited with the Mhachi?" Fal asked, crossing his arms as he followed as well.

"Amdapor locked away many voidsent, including Diabolos. All of which are very powerful, and very capable. One of them is what we might consider a summoner. It creates void rifts and brings forth many voidsent. This one ended up getting free and has taken over the ruins of amdapor completely." Mahdi whistled and his noble steed Slepnir road to his side.

"Between the voidsent, the elementals and the Sylphs, I have had my hands full for some time."
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Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Denzyne Starweaver

Gilgamesh (Aether)

great read Espy

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper

Ember Cinder

Faerie (Aether)

We've been killing voidsent since lv. 5-8, can't be that big a problem, can it? lol

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Great read Esper <3

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

the prodigal son returns

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Big ❤️ Loves yus yus. More to come soon!

Skan Winternight

Diabolos (Crystal)

/em watches what unfolds from a spire on Adapor keep. nom nom popcorn this is getting very interesting

Great read Esper^^
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