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Eidolon: Shadowbringers- Technical Difficulties

“Alright, shall we give it a try? The timing is about right.”

I glanced too Exarch whom was smiling with clear anticipation. Wanting to see his dear friend again after so many years. He may have been a bit more excited then he wished to admit, making constant mistakes and then focusing on them a bit too often. Merely smiling too him I nodded as I walked into the control room to turn on the Calling device.

“Let us see here, the warrior of light at this moment Should be somewhere within.... Gyr Abania or Othard. I suggest you focus upon there aetherial presence where it is most profound.” I stated as I pushed the lever up. The machine began to churn from within the tower, being powered by the unlimited supply of aether the tower held.

"Alright, if memory serves, the warrior of light should be sitting in a meeting with the other leaders in Ala Mhigo, or perhaps sometime before hand with the alteration between Yusetsu and the primal she became..." I focused on the aether of Rave and Cleo. It had been a long time since last I saw them and my memories were not as sharp as they use to be. Two hundred years would do that to anyone though.

"Oh balls... I forgot, Rave is gone by this point.... Perhaps we should focus Cleo, or Kura." I stopped, glancing over at the Crystal Exarch whom was anxiously awaiting me to choose.

"Well, we have to be careful, this probably will not feel good. I imagine it feeling like your aether is being torn from the very ground your body is adapt too."

He nodded, thinking about it further while I adjusted a bit.

"We should try for Cleo. Was she pregnant at this point?" He asked, looking to me slightly worried."

"If memory serves... yes... but she was not to far in. I suspect no harm would come to her, nor the child. It is likely no more then an egg still forming."

"I say we try for All Warriors of Light we can get. At the very least we should be capable of gathering one with this yes?" He asked as he looked around the Ocular.

"This is our first try Exarch. It is possible we may not get anyone. Worse yet is the effects we are unaware of. There is even a chance that we might rip there souls apart on accident. I trust Krehmias modifications, however-"

The exarch interupted me, knowing I would was simply too worried. To be fair, this would be the beginning of a plan seventy plus years waiting for. Aside from the two hundred years spent to open the tower.

"Throw wide the gates, Eidolon." I glanced at him, raising an eyebrow at his choice of words.

"Fun choice of words I suppose." I shook my head at the theatrics, yet, knowing we may not have much time to relate messages, perhaps it was for the best. I pressed finally pressed the button as he ordered and the crystal tower began to activate the calling. Pulling immense aether within it to call forth our Warrior of Light. Within seconds an aetherial portal formed overhead within the Ocular. Stabilizing it with his staff and aether, the Exarch focused on the being whom was traveling through.

"Something seems off.... I have them, but..." He cringed as he quickly tore the person out of the portal, dropping them in the middle of the room as the portal shut behind. I walked from the room beside to see a very naked Thancred laying upon the floor.

"Uhhhmmm.... That is not our warrior of light. And why is he naked?" I asked as I knelt down beside the sleeping Thancred.

"He is not fully here... This is a mere shadow of his body." The Exarch explained as he kept his eyes upon Thancred.

"Perhaps you should get him some clothes." He stated as he looked to me, catching me looking him up and down.

"Is that really required? I could get use to more men wearing less like this." I stated with a grin, trying my best not to acknowledge my primitive needs. Sighing aloud, I stood up and walked back into the control room where we kept robes for the "just incase" theory of our warrior of light showing up just as naked. Walking back to him, I gently placed the robe over his body and let him lay upon the floor as he remained asleep.

"Is he okay?" I asked, rather confused as to how he even ended up here.

"I think he is fine. Though I can not feel his aetherial presence." He glanced to me confused by this as I nodded.

"That would make sense. He has not had one since his trip through the lifestream with Y'shtola. My guess is this is also why he was brought here on accident. Perhaps his trip through the lifestream may have hindered our aim on the warrior of light and focused more upon him." I thought further upon it, trying to contribute such equations to the ultimate goal was not exactly my strong suit. Likely not even taken into account from Krehmia whom helped design the Calling summoning technology.

With her gone now, it fell to us to make the proper decisions with her technology. Now, we have already clearly made a big mistake.

"The lack of clothing and personal items suggests he was not fully brought over. That means, this could very well be nothing more then his soul and his body... is... possibly sitting dead in the source. That is a very big mistake." I stated, keeping my head down in disapproval.

"Twelve only know what we've done to the timeline already!" I said rather irritated as I thought more upon the ramifications of our actions. Master Denz left with some sorted knowledge this would probably happen and however, chose not to tell us. Therefore what is happening, was likely to be. Even so, this did seem a little off, however, left me thinking upon how useful he might be in this most dire of times.

"Arrrrgggg..." He seemed to growl in pain as he began to push himself up, awoken as he looked up toward us.

"Eidolon? You look a bit.... different. What's going on? Where am I?" He asked looking to me before he looked to the Exarch.

"And who is that suppose to be?"

"All decent questions, please slip on that robe and make your way into the room beside us. I need to examine you further." I stated to try and calm him. I did not recall being such a familiar face to him. Yet, again, two hundred years leaves a hard memory behind. Upon futher examination with aetherial glasses, it was made apparent, Thancred was in fact a mere corporeal form of his former self. No immediate damage to his aether suggested the summoning was at the very least a success. Though I worried the lasting effects for him being pulled from his body completely into another world.

"Well, send me back! I've a mission to complete and a woman to woe." He commanded with immense anger toward the situation after I explained what had happened.

"It is not as simple as sending you back now. WIthout your physical form to keep you from dissipating into aether, I am afraid you would scatter and die upon return. Much like an aetheryte, you have to have some sort of physical presence to re-compose too. Your body still sits in the Source, but I can not just aim you back toward it." I explained as he sat down in a chair, clearly feeling helpless from the situation we had thrust upon him.

"I am deeply sorry Sir Thancred. We intended upon summoning the warrior of light, not yourself. It is my fault for acting rash I suspect. We are beginning to run out of time however." The Exarch explained as he walked into the control room.

"Deep though my regret is, your presence may be of immense help in a matter which is of dire importance." He stated as he glanced toward me.

"I had not thought about that, though he is correct. We could really use some help getting our hands on Minfilia." Thancreds entire body perked at the mention of her name, quickly standing as he grasped my shoulders.

"Minfilia?! She's here? Where is she? Is she alright?" He asked constant questions, now rather eager to know more.

"She is not.... exactly the person you remember. Please, for now let us get you settled in first. I know this is not ideal, but I think you are going to be stuck with us for a while. It may be a few years before we can even try the calling again." I tapped his shoulder, and felt the tension in his muscles. The knowledge of helplessness was probably enough to wrath a mind. However, knowing more of the woman he vowed to protect would not calm him, it would likely destroy him. Oh, how ignorance was once so blissful.

Comments (4)

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

"I've mission to complete and a woman to woe."

That part really made me snicker, that's so Thancred's character. Great read love as always.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

I did try to put in some simple humor for this one. Starting with the title because, it seems so proper xD

Hope it is enjoyable!

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper

Skan Winternight

Diabolos (Crystal)

" I could get use to more men wearing less like this." ... le sigh. Same ole Esper, you dirty bird ><

Very nice read!
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