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Me and my thoughts, XIV/video game stuffs <3 <3

Heya Loves!

So this will be a bit of another rant. Though not normal for me, as I will be just mostly talking about in game stuffs and lodestone as well. If it does not interest you, sorry! <3 <3 still yus yus.

Anywho, Saturday was the first time I came across this certain situation as a tank. Where I was playing pally and the healer, a whm seemed to refuse to heal me during aoe pulls. I tried my hardest to stay alive during them while watching said person holy spam the entire time with two dps whom were just not up to par on dps yut.
Finally upon the 2nd pull after the first boss of Cosmos, I died having spent all of my cds and mp.
I tried to slow it down after that but got treated like dirt the rest of the dungeon.

This is again, the first time I had seen this happen. Pally is not my fav job so i was not very accustomed to the abilities and timing but i thought i did just fine for a throw away dungeon run. My worry is that this happens far more often then I am aware. I think it is fine to want to dps as a healer, but if you are refusing the heal and rather trying to troll or something of the sort, then why bother spending your money to log in every day?

If you get a sort of gratification out of being a jerk for 15$ then, I suppose that is your time spent and I won't refute it but I will state it does not change the fact that you are still a trashy person. Happily, I have the right to look at it that way just the same yus yus.


Moving on, there is a narrative today that more people are I guess standing behind which is Video game addiction and in particular MMO addiction.

To be fair, I know there are some addictive elements to video games. I looked to WoW recently and wondered if i could get back into it and play for a bit. However, coming across the things required, I came to the conclusion I would be spending every waking moment trying to push to the end game content. Than upon that is more grind to seek out better gear through an RNG system which apparently still is not working well for them.

Before I end up in a vicious loop of randomness, I will stop on that. However, When people talk about game addiction and mmo addiction I wonder how they came to that conclusion and more so, I wonder why they suddenly make it there all time life goal to preach to others about it.

To me, if you are addicted to anything, you need to get something in your life straightened out. Video games allow you the means to hide from your problems, mentally, for a few hours a day. But the reality behind that is, you still have to deal with those thoughts often during and after, and while trying to sleep. Inevitably, game addiction is a symptom imo to a larger problem, if you can consider it a problem to begin with.

So, what I am trying to state is, if you feel video game addiction is a real problem or a real thing itself, then perhaps you're right. More likely however, it is something you are looking to blame for your current situation. "Oh if i did not play video games I could have been a college grad with several books released"
Sure... I am not disputing the fact that, this is an absolute possibility. I am however going to blatantly suggest that lazy people are often otherwise always lazy despite outside factors. It is not likely you would have been any different from the current situation you are now.

How do I know? Well, I try to push out a couple of blogs every week, put down video games and what not to live my life in the way I want too. I know for a fact that video games did not make me not go to college, life circumstances did. I could blame whoever I want for everything, but the reality is, life goes on, you are not part of the ride, you are the driver. So take responsibility.

On an off note from all that, MMOs do have an addictive quality. This is why I am a bigger fan of FFXIV. Yoshi P states, this is a game meant to keep you coming back, but we don't want you to come by every day. Go do other things, play other games, etc.

I am not arguing that XIV has some addictive qualities to it as well. That is a given in a lot of ways. Most MMOs try to keep your money coming none stop every month or even every day.
XIV has fantasia addicts whom change there appearance almost once a week if not once a day. SO yeah, there is a vice behind that. Not a horrible vice, it could be worse... like gambling on loot boxes!


FFXIV will be 10 years old this year. Since the release of 1.0 at least, that's a massive milestone to consider. There are a lot of things I still wish they would do that I know would take a lot more time then they probably wish to invest in.

Updating character models a bit would be a great thing imo. The Mitten feets are just a bit annoying and force me often to wear full shoes more because they could ruin and entire outfit imo.
Some of our character models need improving, including the amount of times hair clips into gear and how neither hair nor gear seem to be designed to collide against each other. This would however be an incredible amount of work. I tend to ignore it on that factor alone.

There is still one particular furnishing I would Love for them to introduce. Or for someone to maybe design in a contest. I wish they would introduce weapon displays for our weapons

The mannequins are great, however we can not really show off the relic we worked hard for beyond glamour. I like the idea of placing my weapons beside the armor instead of on or just have it on display alone! Seems like a great feat to show off yus yus. That is the intial point of your own home isn’t it?


Recently I made a quick read version of patch notes and on Sunday I looked to see someone else had posted on it. An RMT. I was very Very angry by this and promptly reported and removed but, no matter how much I try, I can not look at the lodestone in the same manner.

This means they have access and will be placing there ads here in full force as soon as they are capable. I hope se does something to counter this before it becomes a major issue and they destroy the remaining lodestone.


Last little thought in my mind atm is you the other players/readers(not in that order of course)

I hope you are having a decent day. I know Monday is not often a good day and Imo Tuesday is usually the most worthless of days because it’s not the beginning of the week and no where near the end.

But none the less, you hope your day is a decent one full of enjoyments you can never squander.
And if not, then remember the next day will come and the next. Soon it will be quitting time and you can sit back and relax doing whatever you want for a while!

Take care loves! Leave a comment if you wish. As always be respectful to others and myself if you do, opinions are openly welcome but do not be mad at if I given another outlook and keep your minds open.

The only person to lose in a conversation is the one whom refuses to think beyond there own box 🙃
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Blaming the addictive thing, whether it's games, drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc, other than yourself is just shifting blame off of you. They don't have the courage to face that YOURSELF is the cause of your situation. The ones that break the cycle are the ones that say, "yes, I am the reason I did this to myself, now I am going to stop it."

This game is just one of many things I do, sometimes I am really into it and play for hours, other times I totally ignore it in favor of other things.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

It's easy for me to drop because I don't really care about it too much, though I will resub sometimes because I miss my blog and want to post stuff; the game is just
extra. :p

Yes, those gill sellers are sooo annoying, report them when you see them!

Healers that won't heal? Ugh! I had TWO in MSQ roulette, lazy asses, NEITHER one would heal me as tank!. Don't queue for healer and NOT do your JOB people!

LOL Tue night IS the end of the work week for me! So it's my Friday! ;p

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