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Chocobo's and You

Chocobo's and You

In A Realm Reborn, Chocobos serve not only as a form of transportation, but also as a companion that will fight alongside you, the concept of which I love. We will acquire our Chocobo Mount at level 20+ through the Main Scenario Quests, My Little Chocobo. In the quest, you need to purchase a Chocobo Issuance from your Grand Company Quartermaster for 200 Company Seals. A very easy and worth while quest.

At level 30+ we will unlock our Chocobo companion after the completion of My Feisty Little Chocobo quest. The starting quest is acquired from an NPC named Docette, located in Camp Tranquil in South Shroud (X:17, Y:28). Slightly more complicated than the level 20 quest but in my opinion another very easy quest with huge rewards.

Summoning Chocobo Companion
You will need to use Gysahl Greens to summon your Chocobo. When summoned, your Chocobo is displayed as a party member and remains summoned for 30mins, after which it is automatically dismissed, you will then need to use another Gysahl Greens to re-summon your chocobo.
Your chocobo will be dismissed if you yourself dismiss it, or if it dies during combat, at which time you will need to use another Gysahl Greens.
The summon-timer is temporarily suppressed while you are in a town, in an instance, or mounted, so you dont have to worry about time in these situations.

Gysahl Greens can be bought from a number of NPC's, I personally use the NPC in Gridania, its just the one that sticks in my mind the most for some reason, but this is just my personal preference, there are a lot of vendors that sell these items.

Chocobo Raising
Chocobo Raising will allow players to improve and customize their Chocobo Companions. With chocobo raising, players will be able to increase their chocobo companions beyond Rank 10 and up to Rank 20, and as such this is very worth while.

There is obviously a quest, and it becomes available at level 30 the quest is called Bird in Hand. It is located in the Central Shroud, and the NPC is Luquelot. However you do need to complete My Feisty Little Chocobo and have access to a House to perform the chocobo raising tasks, I believe this does actually cover apartments, because you would have access to the chocobo stable. To begin raising a chocobo, players must first acquire or have access to a Chocobo Stable, which can be purchased from the housing merchant NPC in any residential area, these are essential, you can not raise a chocobo with out a chocobo stable. The Housing Merchant in every district sells them for 125,000 gil, do not bother with the Market board.

You can train your chocobo, as well as those of your free company members (If you have the correct permissions), Chocobos can be trained while stabled to earn experience points. Chocobos can be trained once per hour, and will demand one reward.
The experience gained will be the same regardless of the item selected, though stable conditions may affect experience gains, it is best to always keep a clean stable, you can do this with Stable brooms, which can be obtained from every OIC Quartermaster for 1,500 company credits.
These fruits and vegetables can be obtained through gardening, or through a beast tribe vendor the Vath Stickpeddler in The Dravanian Forelands - The Smoldering Wastes - Loth ast Vath (23.6-19.1). If you reward your chocobo with the same food repeatedly, that fruit or vegetable will become the chocobo's favorite feed. You may change your chocobo's favorite feed if you so desire by repeatedly rewarding your chocobo with a different snack after training.

Customising Chocobo Companion skills
As Chocobos defeat monsters and obtain experience, they rank up and gain skill points (SP).
SP can be spent to grant your Chocobo bonus stats and skills. This is performed by purchasing abilities from one or more of three specialisations, the 'Defender', 'Attacker', and 'Healer' trees. These trees correspond to battle stances - when placed into a specific battle stance your Chocobo will favour using abilities from the corresponding tree. Basically if you want your chocobo to be a healer, then put it in to healer stance, and it will favour abilities from the healer skill tree. A "Free Stance" option is available to instruct the Chocobo to use all available abilities whenever it sees fit, I personally prefer this as the chocobo then dose a lot more.
Each level the amount of SP earned by a Chocobo raises by one point (so Chocobos earn 1 SP at level 1, 2 SP at level 2 )
Similarly, the cost of purchasing abilities from a tree rises one point with each rank - Rank 1 abilities cost 1 SP, Rank 2 Abilities cost 2 SP, etc.)

10 SP is earned for each level 10 - 16.
11 SP for level 17
12 SP for level 18
13 SP for level 19
14 SP for level 20

The experience required for the Chocobo to reach the next level rises drastically, it has taken me a long time to get my chocobo to where she is. You need to understand that it will likely take you a very long time to get your chocobo to maximum level. The Chocobo will consume a portion of experience gained from each enemy killed by the you - this does NOT include Fate, Leve or mission experience reward bonuses, but does include "Exp-chains".

Once a Chocobo reaches level 10, feeding it a Thavnairian Onion will raise its level cap by one level, Thavanairian Onions are very expensive and in demand as a result of this. Some people make a lot of gil as Thavnairian Onion Farmers, and are constantly growing Thavnairian Onion in their garden plots. It is very lucrative.

If you are unhappy with your Chocobos current build, you can reset their Chocobo's Skill Points using Reagan Pepper purchased from your Grand Company quartermaster for 48,000 Company Seals or from Hunt Billmaster for 20 Allied Seals.

You can also stable your chocobo and while it is in the stable you have the ability to train your chocobo, you will need chocobo food to do this, certain foods will have certain effects on a chocobo. I personally feed my chocobo Sylkis Buds which highers its attack damage, so it dose more damage.

Curiel Root Companion EXP Up Companion EXP Up II
Sylkis Bud Companion Attack Up Companion Attack Up II
Mimett Gourd Companion Healing Potency Up Companion Healing Potency Up II
Tantalplant Companion Maximum HP Up Companion Maximum HP Up II
Pahsana Fruit Companion Enmity Up Companion Enmity Up II

Just to note all of the above mentioned chocobo foods can be obtained from the Vath Stickpeddler in The Dravanian Forelands - The Smoldering Wastes - Loth ast Vath (23.6-19.1). Of course you must first unlock the Vath beast tribe.

Customising Chocobo Companion looks
so there are two main ways of customising your chocobo look wise, one is the barding, and another is changing the chocobos feather colour. To change the chocobos feather colour you would need to stable the chocobo and feed it a certain number of chocobo foods, in a certain order.

Thank you for reading

Pandora DeMew
Comments (6)

Darth Muffins

Odin (Light)

really good guide ty

Pandora Demew

Omega (Chaos)

Thank you kindly for taking your time to read it, I hope it helped.

Alganquinn Seers

Excalibur (Primal)

Well written! I don't really have time fora free company so i just level my reliable buddy Riku as best as I can, It would be funny if the chocobo reacted to some larger monsters with fear or anger trying to goad it into a fight (depending on player's level)

Pandora Demew

Omega (Chaos)

If you do not have a free company or a house, you could always buy an apartment, which would then allow you to use the related stable. ^^

I totally agree I would love to see the chocobo interacting more with the world around them, also with the owner, I would love to "PET" my chocobo and it respond all the time with a happy chirp or something, I would love it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this ^^

Zara Darkstar

Zalera (Crystal)

Very concise, informative guide to Chocobo companions!

Pandora Demew

Omega (Chaos)

Thank you kindly, I do love my chocobo's.
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