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First Week in Eorzea

So I finally decided and went and tried FF14, it has been while since I've played any mmo games and I'am rather excited jumping into one of if not the most popular mmo currently in the market.

Before I really jump into any game I usually research about it a bit and see what it offers, I research stuff like what races are available what class/jobs can be taken etc etc. The race that caught my eye the most was the Au Ra, though they were locked behind a dlc I was fortunate enough that the game offered the dlc that they belong to for free!

I had always loved races with demon esq themes or mainly races with horns so the Au Ra race fit me just right! Now that I had finished creating my character it was now time to game! I chose the class Arcanist since I read that it was the prerequisite for the summoner class(pet class), Summoner/pet classes was always my go to pick when it came to games like this, I love ordering around my minions to fight for me so I just had to pick the Summoner class.

One of the main reason I also jumped into ff14 as the mmo of choice was that I had friends who already plays the game and had been pushing me to play it since forever.

One such friend was Raphiella Shalltear the most pushy when it came to me playing the game, Tear showed up out of nowhere and had surprised me with super cute and cool mounts such as this big giant Chicky! I really wanted to hug it one could only imagine what it would feel like hugging it in real life, it was just so cute! <3

Next Tear showed me a car, I didn't know how to react and how out of place the mount was so I couldn't really comment on it.

Lastly Tear showed me a Land Whale, it was rather funny to see a whale moving about on land and what surprised me more was it could hold two people which I ended up taking Tear's offer of riding on it, so we spent a good hour or so just going around with it.

After that the day became rather uneventful with just me going about doing quest around Limsa Lominsa, it was rather upsetting to find out that most of the friends I bought with me ended up starting in a different city so it took awhile for us to see each other. My first day ended with me taking pictures in me wearing this comfy looking outfit

Nothing really interesting happened the following days besides me taking pictures of various weird looking monsters, some of them cute while the others were nightmare inducing aah!

Wallmart Kratos appeared!

Tear again with the tubby looking Chocobo! I REALLY WANT ONE!
Also my maid outfit debut~

I caught a glimpse of a cute looking Miqo'te player, though I wanted to touch and feel the ears I was too shy to do so so I ended up just admiring from afar (totally not a stalker ok)

I was finally able to meet some of my friends that I got to jump with me, it was long overdue!

A maid off with one of the my friends that played the game before like Tear.

~Couples Shot with Drishnu~

. . . . . . . . . ! ! ! ! !

I have really been enjoying the game a lot and I regret not jumping in years ago, just making myself clear I'm in love with mmos again and will really play the heck out of ff14 in the following days/month/years (hopefully). The people I've met so far has been rather interesting, although it is a bit hard to mingle with other players since I'm in a jp/en server that hasn't stopped me from trying (hopefully they don't mind)

What I enjoy most so far in the game is when me and my friends do R&R before logging off and ending the day, we usually hang around town and find stuff that catches our attention.

I like it when we can take the game slowly and not being rushed into stuff like what WoW is currently doing, in the server I'm on other players usually hang around town and do stuff like dancing and music playing which makes the overall experience amazing!

We also have our own mascot here in Kujata, the famous 24 hour dancer Reach! I pray before him every time I login the game to show my appreciation towards his hard work!

That concludes my first week of playing FF14 and I have to say that I enjoy every minute of it, I'm looking forward to my adventure and am eagerly awaiting on things to come!

~bonus drawing of my character drawn by no other~

~Current problems~
-a way to mingle with jp players
-catching up with msq
-getting more clothes
-hungry (while writing this blog?)
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Cenric Asher

Famfrit (Primal)

Welcome to the game! This was a really wholesome post, I hope you have a fantastic time! For the record, since you seem to be having fun with visuals--when you get airship travel within the main scenario quest and are past level fifteen you can access dyes and glamours. They're located in Western Thanalan, at Vesper Bay. Just means that if you have gear that is good protection but doesn't look exactly how you want, you can either change color or make it look like a different piece. :)

Maou Silvaire

Kujata (Elemental)

Yup I'm really enjoying the game and yeah the glamour stuff is great and I wish all games had it.

Sibyl Crescent

Kujata (Elemental)

Welcome to Eorzea!

I can not speak English well. X(
I can go to dungeon with you. ;)
When you need help to go dungeon, tell me.
I will go with you.


Maou Silvaire

Kujata (Elemental)

Its ok Sibyl I should be the one to learn anyways since its not an EN server so its all good! :D

Corbenik Clay

Omega (Chaos)

I know I'm a few days late, but welcome! It took me a while to fall in love, but I'm sure your time in Eorzea will be well spent!

This comment has been deleted.

This comment has been deleted.

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