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No word of a lie I'm pretty sure I spend a lot of time waiting around. Or I would if I didn't always find something else to do. That's why I've found completing FATEs for Atma advancement a challenge because you do just need to... wait. It reminds me of waiting for NM pops back in FFXI.

I've had some good company from my chocobo Wark (seriously, "kweh"???) who has been getting some EXP of his own whilst I've been doing FATEs, and hunting logs in the Zodiac books I'm working on at the moment.

In between that I've been carrying on with duty roulettes which includes my first run of the Void Ark which was fun. I've quite enjoyed advancing the story here, and in the Crystal Tower before it. I've been running those on my dragoon for EXP, and unlocking cool armour! Unfortunately I don't really like the level 60 job armour for dragoon so I'm back in my level 50 stuff.

Our FC have been working hard on company projects which has helped me level up a few of my gathering and crafting jobs, and I finally hit level 50 on alchemist which I think of as my 'main' when it comes to crafting. Which means I have a rather spiffy eyepiece now!

I do also like my comfy and warm looking coat, which I think matches the eyepiece rather well.
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Bunini Buni

Twintania (Light)

You're not so much a fashion guru, more a dressing gown and comfy slippers man
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