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The Boundless Dark

Twintania (Light)

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Our FC have been working hard on the latest phase of our airship construction, at first I didn't think it would be the most fun but it honest has brought people together to do stuff and encouraged some others to pick up their first DoH/L jobs. The more experienced players have been teaching them how to do things.

If you're on Twintania, aren't in a Free Company at the moment and are looking for a friendly community, please drop me a tell in game!

I am also extremely happy with my alchemist monocle. It's amazing. And it opens and closes.

A few friends and I have been clearing legacy (small 'l', as in old stuff, not 1.0) content for mounts, blue mage skills, and of course story cutscenes.

Some of the encounters can still be tricky if you don't pay attention to the mechanics, although you can brute force through most of them. The Various Coils of Bahamut are quite fun, and pretty quick on an individual basis. They also have some amazing environments, and lots of round things (what are the round things???)

Obviously my favourite part of the coils is Alisaie who is 100% my best computer generated friend. If there is one person chiefly responsible for her dialogue I would love to meet them, as our senses of humour are definitely in sync.

Mrs Ench was admiring Limsa Lominsa (a name she finds absolutely hilarious) from afar and because our FC house is in Ul'dah I had forgotten a little how much I love sunsets and rises there. I really wish the player housing was both available (personal purchases soon please!) and located away from a beach and on top of the tall rocks like the rest of the city. Sometimes it's easy to forget the game isn't as new as it looks.

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