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Everything changes, but everything stays the same. Or so I understand.

If you're wondering if that's a big sword and not a wee book, you'd be right. The big change for me at the moment is playing Dark Knight a whole lot more. If you're expecting complaints about having to tank, you're in the wrong place.

I've actually had my Dark Knight in a slow status of 'levelling up when I had stuff to do in level 30-ish areas' but I started playing it in FC dungeon runs a little while back so I could build confidence tanking with people who would be (extremely) patient. I'll be honest and say I didn't like it at first but it's really grown on me.

So instead of summoning dragons and stuff, I've been getting my face well and truly kicked in by them instead. But I've been kept propped up by some amazing healing (thank you All Might and Shaera Isshu) and lots of encouragement from other FC mates (particularly Bunini Buni who has spent too many times dead on the floor because I missed a mob, oops).

So, does that mean I'm not playing summoner at all any more?

Of course not! I love playing summoner and I'm looking forward to seeing what changes 5.1 bring. But I'm also going to keep playing and learning Dark Knight. One thing I will say - if you're put off healing or tanking because you think people won't be nice if you're bad, give it a try. People in FFXIV are extremely nice and patient and will help you learn. I'm really looking forward to tanking some alliance raids and normal raids in the future, although I am hoping that I never get Titania in the trial roulette. Really.

For now though, it's back to levelling up and getting myself ready to tank current content. I hope in a few weeks or so that I'll be tanking Eden (and also hoping that Shaera and All Might will be happy to peel me off the floor...)
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Buni Buni

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You're Ideally suited to tanking, being so close to the ground you don't have far to fall :)
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