Abelas Lavellan

House Fortemps Knight

Spriggan (Chaos)

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I just bought the game | Finally getting started

Tomorrow I'll download it, I'm a free trial user no more.

I can't wait for all the friends I'll meet and all the adventures I'll go on ( ・ω・)ノ

This is Abelas. Her surname will be changed to something more personal and important to me in the future, because I chose it in a rush and now I regret it.

Thank you for the people who insisted I give this game a second try, I look forward to experiencing it with them. I'm a newbie compared to them, so please be patient with me!

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Yalavech Dazkar

Famfrit (Primal)

Have fun and I hope you enjoy your experience. :) Here's wishing you find like-minded adventurers on your server to play with.

Hound Redintegratus

Excalibur (Primal)

If I ever use my alt on Spriggan, I'll give you a potato as a welcome gift.
Have fun and may you enjoy your time here!

Maxie Milano

Tonberry (Elemental)

Welcome to the game! 5 years playing and never been bored of it :)
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