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Start of a Journey

It's all started because I got bored of another game which I was major in called Rainbow Six: Siege. A friend of mine invited me to join him in Final Fantasy XIV because he needed friend to play with him. I start the game as a free trial player and begin my career as a lancer.

After a first few weeks, I reached the maximum cap for a free trial player. I decided to buy the game even though I didn't like online game that much at start but my love for Final Fantasy series overcome it. After buying the game, took me like 1 month for me to clear the MSQ line for ARR.

And then I tried so hard to be able to catch up with another veteran player by clearing Heavensward and Stormblood (even though my friend hasn't even cleared Stormblood yet but I spoiled him so much that he muted me on Messenger (lol))

At first I planned to move from Carbuncle because there are bunches of weird names people (asked my friend he told me they are roleplayer) but back then Tonberry was congested so nothing I can do about it.

I get myself enjoying the game so much that I log in everyday even though there's nothing much to do besides roulette and Grand Company items request. My most enjoyment from the game probably is the Hilderbrand side-quest. Sorry for the bad word but it was f*cking hilarious. It's like SE add them to game to make the game less hardcore and more casual.

By the time I reached the end of Stormblood, I decided to stop playing as a sole solo player and started to find a Free Company (FC) for someone to communicate/play with because my friend stil hasn't reach my point yet. I reached out to so many FC but some of them rejected my application because I was a newbie so they don't want to train/help me, some just never accept my application so I decided to stop applying those.

But at the time I was tired of getting a decent FC to join. I saw a naked man in Ul'dah whom also the master of my current FC (Black Shadow). I applied to him and he pm-ed me and talked to me about my application. It has been a while since I used Japanese to communicate so my Japanese was awkward AF at first. I got accepted. But after a while, I get used to using Japanese to communicate ingame.

Spending days with FC members, I befriended with the FC's master's mistress(as ingame), my first PvP experience was painful and terrible (I partied with my friend to get some wolf marks for the Garo set), then the mistress introduced me to Frontline (which most of the time she accompanied me instead of me going solo). It was fun, I won a lot but also lost a lot (lol). I really appreciate her a lot of because she carried me a lot also, I was terrible at PvP.

And then I managed to finish Shadowbringer and caught up with all the veteran (still can't call myself a veteran because I haven't maxed out all jobs yet (haha)).

Recently I also got invited to me a fellow FC member's Eternal Bond with his gf(wife?), it's also my first time so I had no ideas what to do haha. But it was so much fun even though my game crashed a lot during the event (had no clues why??). It became one of my most treasured memories in FFXIV.

By now I'm having a few problems of my own but I hope my passion for game and FFXIV will never end. I just hope my problems will not stop me from doing something I'm so passionated about.

That's probably the conclude for my blog "Start of a Journey", my writting skill is pretty bad but I tried (I guess (lol)). I hope in the future Eorzea will be nice to me also.

Also I'm having a crush on someone ingame at the moment (I know it's dumb but oh well (lol)).

I also stream game on my Twitch channel (mostly R6S, Dota 2, EU4, etc.), even though I'm seldom streaming anything by now but feel free to follow me on Twitch or my social media account.

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Momengo Sama

Spriggan (Chaos)

I enjoyed reading your blog. Your writing is pretty good.

Anyways, I always thought that solo playing in an online game is better because you do it on your own pace. No rush, just enjoy the quests and their stories. Maybe for someone who completed the whole scenarios, it is a different story. I guess I will try cooperating once I finish the whole expansions. I am still in Heavensward. No spoilers, please..(:

Nagae Ryu

Carbuncle (Elemental)

@Momengo Sama Thank you for commenting on my blog. Solo is always good because you don't have to depend on anyone to do your mission/quest/etc. for you. But since FFXIV is a game which you will have to do something that take more people to play with you in order to complete i.e. FATE/Raids/Trials. Some raids have become so hard to get people to join like "The Binding Coil of Bahamut" last time it took me an hour queueing and I still can't find anyone.
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