Kimber Tre'ya

Defender of Eorzea

Faerie (Aether)

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003 - The Lala Parade


"Everything Changed The Day The Lala's Invaded"
I never knew how much seven simple words could change my life. I remember being at the Aether Hub in New Gridania. The day had started like any other. I was showing my hat off to people, a bard was playing, people were dancing, gold miners were spamming chat. Everything was as it should be. And then it happened. In chat, someone asked, "Are you going to the Lala Parade?"
Hold up.
The music screeched to a halt, the bunny girl stopped ERPing, an eerie silence fell over all within earshot. Like a mob of moths to the midnight limelight, we turned and dared to hope that our ears (Eyes... Text box?) had not deceived us.
"A Lala Parade, you say?"
And so it was that we were all invited to the happiest place in Eorzea. I was not disappointed. I mingled with the LilFellers of Eorzea. We sang and danced prior to the parade, and during the parade itself there were fireworks and just... AH! It was amazing! I loved this place before, but now it's so much more. I was so happy.
The Neat Hat Girl
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