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004 - The World I Love, And The People In It


Time Well Wasted With You
It's been two weeks, and I've already made so many friends. People say hello to me and wave as we pass one another by. We sing, dance, and sit around talking for hours. I've never been refused when asking for group pictures. Everyone is so eager to talk to one another, and support each other through this journey. It still feels like a dream.
It's something of a phenomenon, really. At first I thought, "Yeah, Cat-Girl. People are just being nice to Me." But no. I see it happening all around me. People seem genuinely happy. I never see people yelling at one another, or causing problems. I'm sure it happens, but for it to be so scarce...? I can't be the only one who's noticed this.
I love Eorzea.
-The Neat Hat Girl
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