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The end of a less important tale


Minos Lux is complete, another anima brought up to maturity. Again, it's hard to look past the mannerisms--to see it all as a coincidence, but....there's still no other choice.

Having come from the same source, the two are one--and the one is two. The weapons have different properties, can be in different places.....but on the aetherical level, even I can't tell them apart. I asked how it felt, but the answer was--as expected--that it's "hard to describe".

It's true, though--there's really no other way to put it.

At least this time, there's a resolution--an end to a story, rather than hopes left in suspense. The tale of a warrior, many years past, that set out to forge a legendary weapon. An entry in the list of accomplishments he sought with his friends.....and one of the few he never reached.

How to put it....there's a poetry in the tale. The straightforwardness of chasing a legend, the simple desires of two adventurers--the critical frame for the picture of Norvrandt.

A weapon he started, a world he saved,
A legend I consumed, a world destroyed,
A new life created, a world reclaimed.

Hmm...that sounded better in my head than on paper.

But even I'm not immune to the plight of a true hero....or, it seems, the wistfulness of plucking one too many melodies on a bowstring.
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