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If you're a femWOL, Magnai flirts you

Warning: Spoilers from Stormblood storyline

I remember doing the stormblood quests with my friends. We were on a voice call and I was just laughing alone. The friends I was with were also doing the same quests as me. I told them "there was an attempt!" and they didn't understand. They had male avatars. That's when I figured out there was a difference between male and female avatars at this moment.I will translate for you the screens ♡

I legit don't remember when was this honestly, nor the quests. Seems it's when we were with Hien, probably Gosetsu, Alisaie and Lyse.

M "Hmm...for ages, I've been looking for Nhaama's daughter, the girl intended for me, but I searched in vain. Should I have look beyond the Throne of Dawn? Could it"

Player's Choices appears

1- Of course not.♪
2- If you continue, I'll break your arm! (obviously, this was my choice)

Aaah well that was good times ^^
I really loved the running joke of Magnai hitting on every girl he could find. Well, it isn't as funny as the scene with our favorite catgirl, but I did found it funny he tries it also with femWoL.
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