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The Highbridge FATEs

This is in no way a guide or walkthrough for these FATEs,just more an explanation or just advice to go farm these FATEs!! with a lot of other people always doing these FATEs as well,your battles should not be too tough and you can earn some great XP for a short amount of time

So,Highbridge area in East Thanalan is home to some pretty good FATEs

Best way to get there is from Camp Drybone and ride east

The first FATE is split into 4 parts
Prologue-Qiqirn Bandits try to attack the Highbridge

This is fairly simple,just need to keep attacking them as they appear
I have been getting roughly about 3000xp for this,takes what..5 minutes?

Act I-More Qiqirn attack Highbridge(these aren't the FATE's names BTW)

From the Prologue,it goes straight into Act I with more of the same,in fact it's exactly the same,I have been getting roughly 5000xp for this,again does not take that long at all

Act II-More Qiqirn attack with a mini-boss

Again from ACT I it goes straight into ACT II,and with more Qiqirn,only this time they are accompanied with a leader -Gilpincher Zuzuroon
this guy runs straight to the Highbridge,and there is where i target him and do so for the remainder of this act,I get about 7000xp for this act alone

Then with the enemy on the backfoot,we all storm their camp for ACT III

when entering their camp you will trigger ACT III of the FATE(remember to sync levels if need be)

Now for ACT III,i run straight to the back of the camp and battle the main boss(his health determines how far into this FATE you get),the main boss' name is Nayokk Roh,and again i target him until the end of the FATE

watch for his Devastation attack

and be weary if you are a lower level because there are a lot of Qiqirns in camp who will target you,hopefully you will have a lot of other players with you to make this quite comfortable end

after ACT III i get 10,000 xp

The whole 4 acts(3 and the prologue)take roughly 20 minutes if that and i come out with over 20k xp..not bad for 20 minutes work

And while you wait for those to pop,you can also do two or three more around that area

Manifest Destiny is just s short distance from Highbridge,and you battle with Amalj'aa Beastmen,you come out with something like 5000xp after 5 minutes of battle

and Spare the Hair FATE,this is just near the river that is near Highbridge,this is a tougher battle,its fighting the gigantic hairball that is Gossamer,if you manage this after roughly 5-10 minutes you should make back roughly 7000xp

There is another FATE,further down the path towards South Shroud zone,called Desert Rose where you are helping the blades battle against Kedtraps(walking plants) come out with a few 1000xp

so overall,farming the Highbridge area is very worth it and you can make around 30-40k in xp in 30-40 minutes

I owe a lot of my level 30s to these FATEs
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Connor Hawke

Phoenix [Light]

I didn't even know you could Level Sync...



This character has been deleted.

I'm up for this! Next time we're all partied up together :)



This character has been deleted.

I finally got round to discovering these the other week. It was excellent fun! I'm definitely going back for more. I think more FATEs should work in this staggered way :)

Selceriar Lunaxiel

Hades [Mana]

Thank you very much for sharing this, it has been very helpful to me in my hunt for the Tiny Rat minion.
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