Shibil Libil

Twintania (Light)

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Just want to say thanks


My name is Shibil, please to meet you!

I just want to write on this to say thank you, to every single one of you amazing people who plays this game. You are the most kindest, helpful, funny, interesting and passionate people I have ever met!

I have been struggling to find an MMO for years, I dipped into WOW and ESO and even some Destiny to find some comfort away from reality and almost become a home from home. However due to me not being an amazing player and sometimes not being on all the time due to work, I always was bombarded with criticism and negative opinions whenever I played causing me to almost be scared to interact with people when playing and giving up on MMO for a long time.

Then I gave FF14 a try. I created a badass character with an amazing name (seriously I love the name!) and set of in this amazing world. I halted when I reached my first dungeon though and was so worried to being paired up that I actually gave myself 2 days to prepare for it. I finally forced myself to do the dungeon and what I got was this amazing group of people who took me through the whole dungeon helping me and giving me advice when is a good time to heal a player and what spells I should focus on. Honestly I was stunned and wish I could find them people again to thank them! The best part was that this is the theme of people in FF14 they are absolutely incredible people and all of them just seem to want to help people!

Now after doing a good number of dungeons and interacting with numerous people in places like the golden saucer and Gridania ( I think that's how you spell it!) I always find myself looking forward to interacting with people and I try to now help newcomers whenever I see one. I have been in dungeons where I have messed and being a healer if you mess up then it is basically a team wipe, but instead of being hit with criticism I get positive reactions and advice on what to improve and focus on.

So yeah thank you for letting me into you incredible game with open arms.

Thank you for being friendly, amazing, awesome people.

I really mean it, thanks.

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Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

Welcome to the game Shibil.

You'll find there is all type of person in the game. And if you need any help give me a shout, I'm on the same datacenter than you, I can accompany you in duty if you need.

Shibil Libil

Twintania (Light)

Hi Yoru,

Sorry for the late reply, been away on holiday for the festive period. That is awesome thank you so much for the offer! Will be sure to give you a shout! Thanks again!
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