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Back in Ultros and random thoughts

I'm having a power outage and having nothing to do I decided to rant a little here

I've been in Ultros for about a week. I miss Crystal but I am enjoying my time back in the server. Decided to join a new guild and so far so good they are awesome! One of my former guildies joined. I dun see them much, but the fact that they joined because they remembered me made me happy and gave me butterflies. I'm now working on P5S. I got the best lala teacher too! I'm finally understanding the concept of weaving and have cleared barbie as a scholar conquering the fear slowly. Its funny though, while I like being in Ultros I prefer pfing in Crystal than in Primal. I think it's because people are more patient there.

My fiance stayed in Crystal, he prefers it there, and I dun blame him. But I have to admit Terra my new guild, makes me happy! Everyone is friendly and upfront, I've never been so happy to be kidnapped to join an FC.

Also I've been obsessed with island sanctuary. I got mine to level 10 and gotten some not so rare "pets" they are so cute!

I've been busy playing switch games too! Fiance got me one to cheer me up and it's worked wonders, along some drawing books and adult coloring books. My absolute favorite "*Expletive* off!: This is MY coloring book" the phrases in it are hilarious. The page I'm coloring now says "A cluster *expletive* of *expletive*ery" makes me laugh so much I honestly can't finish drawing it

I also got some learning to draw books I wanted for a while, A bunch of Loomis and Beckmans, Some by Betty Edwards too. I think Fiance is trying to make up for two years of spoiled birthdays, he's starting months early though. I'm just waiting to see who's going to be the one to ruin it this year. I do have to return a mount that was given to me last year in order to make amends... this game should give the option to delete mounts and minions or return them to a tradable condition. Oh well.

I'm having some issues with devour in P5S. Any tips? And while I'm getting better at weaving I can't believe it's 1ogcd then 1gcd and so on and so forth, any tips on that are appreciated too

Okie gotta wait till lights come back, next time I'll post ugly beginner art XD

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