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ffxiv dairy day 4

so here's what happened today, starting off with a irl thing waking up due to me accidently bumping me head next to my wall, since i sleep with my matress on the floor, i was like wah who, wtf, and had a bowel of oats and did my other stuff, before ffxiv, okay. i last left off at the northern lights club in coeurl, and i go off on my adventure, sadly clubs and venues were mostly not opened yet, so i went to limsa in marlboro, and i then i had to get my Guinea pigs outside so they have free around my yard vibing and chilling, getting their exercise, and then i see a pleasant surprise , it was the cute and happy lass nibonsi, hope i spelt her name right again, me no no good at spelling, i been meaning to look for her, to ask her to teach me mahjong, she was happy to hear that, and sent me a vid of a guide so i can learn before the patch comes out. i then invite her to ride on my whale mount to the sea of clouds,while telling her about this band of irish women called celtic woman, and how i liked their songs,

she semmed happy to join and while we were flying, we learned some pretty fucking awesome info about each other, like where we come from, then i took her to my fave cliff in the game, i call it reflecting cliff, kinda wish i called it that before, so bam we had a great ass talk, i taught her about some of the cool shit in Australia aka the land im from, and she taught be about some cool ass fuck castles in japan, aka the land where shes from. im like bro this shit epic as fuck,

i then taught her how to assert dominance among kangaroos, you got to punch the shit out of their face, not like animal abuse type of shit, just incase you having a nice walk in the middle of butt fuck nowhere, then suddnly its your nemesis that one kangaroo who broke your car window, and slept with your kangaroo wife.

which does present a lot of questions first of all, why would you be walking in the middle of butt fuck nowhere in Australia, trust me you will most likey die there due to the heat or dingos, or snakes, or what ever unknown creatures of hell are there.

2nd of all why is your wife a kangaroo, unless your a kangaroo yourself, then how the fuck kanagroo marriages work, im getting off topic

okay so incase you encounter a kangroo who wants to beat the shit out of you, you got to punch it in the face, like a legit punch, it wont kill it, it will stun it. making it think you have a more powerful kick, becasuse it takes that shit as a kick
and he will say im sorry for fucking your wife and leave you alone, and bam thats how you assert dominance, if theres more then 1 kangaroos i think you might be fucked unless your boxer or kung fu master.

then i taught her about the drop bear aka our homies the koala. they will fuck up anyone that is a foreigner to Australia, they will jump on your ass and eat you, like desert, but dont worry luckely its a hoax made by the Australians to scare tourists, or so you may think hahahahahahaha, but then there's the cute as fuck koalas, eat gum tree leaves, and slow as fuck and they sound well interesting, like a a demonic growl, and they can do a high pitch call, i think they do that when they fighting over a tree. then we went on a hunt for a s rank, we murderd the shit out of it. and then went back to the cliff,

then she says tells me how about her experience with seeking me out, but what i remember her saying is.

she said, when i first gave my phrase you are worthy in life even when you think you aren't, she was wondering who said it, then i said it the 2nd time. she saw me in a crowd i think, she missed me, in a club and then, me and then again, she was like on the hunt for a rare peter, in my head i felt like big foot, rare sightings all that shit, then she found me in a aley cat club, no wait a i think it was moonlit, meh it dont matter where she found me. she finally found me and we became friends, sweet, im not gonna lie this is legit the first time someone puts in the effort to seek me out, normally it would be me who is seeking out people, ether to gain wisdom from them or give them wisdom on discord to help them with their problems themselves, but im feeling like hmmm thats kinda nice honestly

i acutally enjoyed the fuck out of that talk, it gave me enegery and made me happy. i really enjoyed it, i smiled, then sadly i had to end the talk becasue there was a thunder storm and my guniea pigs were outside i had to get them in.

i then got back from my thunder shower outside. and bam more ffxiv, i did a alliance raid in world of darkness, and HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOYYYY so many wipes and rage and fun was there, my whole alliance died and so much shit, i did what any dragoon did and died a lot, i then went to the lavish cheatu and so noboshi again and we went on duty ruolette and kicked ass, it was fun, then i left and got stuck in void in the lavish cheatu, and then i was on my way to the forgotten paradise, and on my way there i saw some things, hehehehehe hahahaha, well i went into the wrong house and walked into 2 fem miqos erping, i say wtf and i say am i interupting somthing and they told me to leave very poiltey, i respect that, then i left

i then realised i forgot to switch worlds, and then went to the forgotten paradise, and deiced to tell him about what happended, i did not expect to walk into that shit, im not gonna lie it was kinda funny. then thats it

yeh thats what happended it was a good day
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Niboshi Sonata

Zalera (Crystal)

Hopefully, I'm looking forward to see some pics of your cute guinea piggies and you could describe 1000+ lines of diary how adorable they are.

Pink Bismuth

Coeurl (Crystal)

That's no fair, whenever I walk into random houses 90% of the time it's just empty or there's like just a flower vase or a single random poster.
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