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ffxiv dairy day 6 MY QUEST FOR CUDDLES

i have now started to put pics relating to the dairy and what happens in it, say if i i kissed a donkey on the cheek in ffxiv, you gonna see a donkey as one of the images, thats teh example okay now to the dairy.

i started off, at me fave cliff which i happen to accidentally fell off and broke my legs,

i crawled all the way to limsa, with my broken legs, and i made it to the mystic club, i saw puriya and she gave me millions of gill for another giveaway, which is awesome i like giving away a shit ton of money. i then stored it for later in my retainer, i then went to other clubs and venues, i said my ususal words to everyone left, and i went to a monkey bar, where i saw monke, muna lisa was there, i was like dear god its a namazu with high heels, i talked with the monke in the cage there, which was a just a black miqo named oonga bunga. we commuincated via telpathy he wanted me to give him food, instead gave him booze, like lots of it

i signed a paper from the owner of the venue, so i can go into cage, i then went into his cage to befriend monke, but instead monke was enraged. like holy shit he was pissed like a monke, we had a slap fight, im monkey whyyy. then i remembered monkeys are territorial, i tried to sooth monke with dance


i then heard the chocolate spriggan was open, which is a cafe/strip club kinda place/brothel i think idk/ wholesome place. i mean it has the sweetest people.

as i was saying so i went there and i heard there was a cuddle session for like 100k gill per person, so i talk with swag owner rhea, and i ask her questions and she answers, i got my answers and im like HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM interesting

a 30 min cuddle sessions, she gives me a list of the people who i can cuddle, i chose the 2 fabulous lalafells bar and sessyo, bar is the one holding my head and sesyo is the one on my chest on the photo you see that bar took a great screenshot of

ok so i ask bar questions about the thing since shes the one who runs it, i get my questiosns answered. im thinking well i wonder what is it like to put your head on the lap of a lalafell, or heck anyone for example, it reminds me of a dream i had like about a month ago i was on the street road, it was falling petals of flowers, and i was my ffxiv character lying down with my head on the lap of hydaelyn, or what my brain thinks she would look like if she was not a giant crystal, ffs does she even have a human like form. the dream was im not gonna lie it was very fucking comfy. sadly i woke up, shit.

i then decided well if i could feel the warm tender embrace of a lap, so should my character, not only it would be nice for him, it would make some great lore as well for his tale. and i adore my own character like, he is a part of me dude, im pretty sure a lot of ffxiv players will agree that their character like is a part of them,

i then pay 20075k gill, because i chose 2 people and bar is gonna photo shoot it.

i get me sweater ready, gonna need comfort factor for this, so bam put on my sweater, since that was the nicest looking thing i had the moment,

we go into this sweet ass looking garden. and bam cuddle rp, and as i am giggling from this and thinking well i never thought i would get here at this point in life. but fuck it its awesomeeeeeeeeeeee wooooooooooo, so bam some pretty wholesome rp no lewd shit which is beautiful.

as we were cuddling with such strength and power, i had a idea,

this sudden idea. was like unlocking my third eye, my brain went ape shit with like joy and determination, like i had discovered the cure for cancer some amazing shit, it was the best fucking idea of my life.

i announced my plan out loud to the 2 lalas, that ima go on a quest to cuddle every single staff member who is cuddle certified. we then went back to cuddle rp.

we are done and she posts the pics on the discord server which they look fantastic.

i then leave and im like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAHHHHHHHHHHH BABY FUCK YEAH THAT WAS EPIC AS EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCCC FUCK YEAHHHHHH. so then i tell the owner rhea about my joy and quest, i then get a full list of all the cuddle staff, i can cross bar and sesyo off my list, and now i have something on my bucket list the quest to cuddle every staff, i then leave then i realise shit i have still gill left, i come back and sadly someone took the cuddle room or maybe the erp room, i do know shes there for photo shoots, for what ever unknown stuff goes one. then im like okay i shall wait till the place is open next time, and i shall make a shit ton of my own personal gil, for the cuddle quest since its really expensive like i should sell my life savings to gill bots expensive, well at leasts it cheaper then the expensive prices for the erp places, like dear god you want me to sell my imaginary wife to you or something to afford this. lol not that im complaing even tho it legit sound like i am.

i kinda dont rememeber what i did next, i im pretty i went to eden garden club and then left, and ohhhhhhhh shit now i rememebr earlier i had a samurai battle with serpihina and her wife/girfriend? im assuming they are becasue they have the same last name, fuck honestly i dont know their realtion to one and another i just guessed, but i kicked serphinas ass and her waifu kicked mine, i died pretty easily. fuck yeah. i then did the level 60 dragoon quest which was awesome got me gear, i then logged out at me fave cliff, THATS IT

I NOW HAVE A GOAL IN LIFE TO CUDDLE EVERY STAFF MEMEBER DEEMED CUDDLE CERTIFIED. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, this shall be a exciting quest. im determined as fuck, i will cuddle everyone, even if it kills me lol
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Peter Spak

Balmung (Crystal)

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