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ffxiv dairy day 44

so heres what i did most of the day i went around to venues and did my ususal thing and told people they are worthy and stuff. and then i went to mateus idk wat i was doing on meatus but i rememeber i was trying to find somthing super cheap priced on the market board and then i thought why not do beast tribe quests for the vanus atuu guys. and then as i was flying on my niddhogg lanner mount and bummped into rhea pants master 69. idk how to spell her last name it sounds like pantsu or somthing. i was like wtf and she was like LMAO WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY WORLD. i said what are you doing here and then i said are you stalking me, and we parted ways. it was kinda weird honestly. i then also did a allance raid where i saw 2 moogle lalas fuking right as everyone was charging into battle was like WTF. and then everyone on allance b was pspspspspspspspspspsp in chat
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