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ffxiv dairy day 142

so heres what happened today i did my venue shenanigan's and then did beast quests and squadron stuff to try and get the emote.

but mainly what happened today was i found a erp lady who was charging 250k for you know educational role play, so i thought hmmmmmm i aint into the lewd shit but i am into giving people my notes of wisdom for no reason but mainly in hopes it will help them in life via discord. so i told her i will pay 900k for her to exchange discord info. sadly she did not have discord. i was like shit my plan failed hmmm what can i do. i then yeeted out and found a gill beggar instead to do it to. i paid a lass 900k for my to give her a shit ton of wisdom for no reason and it worked. we exchanged discord info and i did my thingy. btw how this well went down at first. i approached her and she said i recognize your name. you have a reputation of sorts. idk what kind but its a rep. i then told her its a positive rep and then offered her 900k for me to give her my wisdom, i did give her a choice of a yes or no. not in a forceful way. she accepted and did my thingy and left
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