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Sharlayan Studium Deliveries - Fisher

Recommended GP: 850+
Recommended lure: Versatile Lure

How to finish quests fast enough with minimal time requiments
1. Get enough Hi-Cordials
2. Enable Collect
3. Use Patience II
4. Use Precision/Powerful Hookset to catch fish
5. If you got fish you needed - use Identical Cast and repeat from step 4

To restore GP you can use Hi-Cordials and Thaliak's Favor.

Go with the Flow (lvl 80)
Fish needed: Giant Aetherlice
Target collectability: 163+
Location: Labyrinthos (18, 6)

Data across the Decades (lvl 83)
Fish needed: Garjana Wrasse
Target collectability: 313+
Location: Thavnair (11, 22)

History Lesson (lvl 85)
Fish needed: Garlean Clams
Target collectability: 184+
Location: Garlemald (30, 7)

The Wandering Whale (lvl 85)
Fish needed: Alnairan Salmon
Location: Thavnair (27, 18)

Fish Time Forgot (lvl 88)
Fish needed: Smaragdos
Target collectability: 1183+
Location: Elpis (32, 15)

Pastures New (lvl 90)
Fish needed: Lunar Lamenter
Location: Mare Lamentorum (22, 30)
Comments (3)

Benawad Amoodi

Louisoix (Chaos)

Finally a studium delivery guide that shows target collectability! you would think more people will include this info but no. Anyway thank you!

Benawad Amoodi

Louisoix (Chaos)

Bait for Giant Aetherlouse: Gold Salmon Roe bought at X=21, Y=6.8 NPC in Labyrinthos

Bait for Garjana Wrasse: Shrimp Ball bought at X=21, Y=6.8 NPC in Labyrinthos

Bait for Garlean Clams: Gold Salmon Roe bought at X=21, Y=6.8 NPC in Labyrinthos

Bait for Alnairan Salmon: Leech bought at X=21, Y=6.8 NPC in Labyrinthos

Bait for Smaragdos: Sky Spoon Lure bought at Scrip Exchange for 50 white scrips in Radz

Bait for Lunar Lamenter: Gray Worm bought at X=21, Y=12 NPC in the moon

Art Intelligence

Spriggan (Chaos)

And Versatile Lure to rule... ahem, catch them all :)
(easier to take one universal lure and have no headache with tons of lures)
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