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Ob la di, ob la da.

So I've reached out to a few recruiting groups and set up some auditions/trials.

One leader was quite nice but concerned about my DoT uptime and not quite optimized SCH when it comes to casting, and so felt they had to pass for now, because their group was getting frustrated. Hey, I'm worried about that too! Too many long long breaks from game and not really having that energy around you, you get used to playing in a way that works for casual play, and it's hard to unlearn the bad habits.

In any case, my first trials went pretty well. And with one group, we were over half Lalafell, and it was like... I'M HOME. Haha! Apparently, a few of them very recently fantasia'd to tease a member who does not care for Lalas. I wasn't complaining. Lala Dance Parties Always~~!

This week in the FC, we haven't yet scheduled anything. We have a few raid groups that have hit E12S, and I think that is the focus for now. I'm sure as the week progresses, we'll have people ready to set up some runs in Bozja and perhaps some learning parties for E11S and maybe even E12S.

Speaking of, I ran the E12S for my "auditions," and wouldn't you know it, of course my whole laid out plan and rotations for my opener and for healing what where (Shiva) - it all came back to me. Migraines are a bitch, okay? I legit just forgot, completely could not put things together that fateful night with my static, and it led to my dismissal. It is the second time I've had something like that happen; this time was not as severe. Last time, I went back to work and had to be retrained on some of the procedures, because I could not remember the basic work that was part of my job, that I learned first. It was really scary.

This time... it was a little more like.. I feel like I had had something mapped out but then was like.. maybe I didn't? Maybe I somehow just... managed? But nope. Seriously, like, an overnight and like, 3 more pulls and I remembered everything I had set up. And bam, best opening DPS rotation I think I've *ever* hit, and consistently doing way better than typical. We progressed past where the group currently was in the fight (statues) and now are like... at the halfway mark for Lions Rampant.

I am happy about it, but also really angry at my brain.

Someone did ask why I was let go from my static, and I sort of alluded to it here. I have been on and off sick for about 2 months now, and finally have things managed with some medications that I'll be able to go off soon. During that time, my performance suffered a lot - on reclears, I didn't hit nearly the numbers I did at my best; I missed a night because I overslept (I had/have mad fatigue, always). Then two weeks later, I had another migraine and skipped both prog nights. So when I returned last week, reclears went pretty well (mistakes and wipes were not issues with me); prog was a disaster. I couldn't remember my plan, as stated - I wasn't reacting quickly, I couldn't even think of things to do to help get us through sections.. so I wasn't even creating the plan anew in any form. Therefore, we didn't get to our progress point. My static had recruited a healer from the FC to sub for me the week prior. He's cleared the tier several times and is done running, so of course it was a huge difference working with him; so they felt, after last Wednesday, I had to go. We aren't the same group that formed a year ago, really, and people's goals have changed since then. So I suppose I didn't really fit into it anymore, anyway.

In any case, reclears with one of the groups I'm trialing with tonight, and then prog with others through the week.

Rescheduled the FC movie night I missed on Valentine's Day (again, that massive fatigue) for Sunday, and tested out streaming etc to make sure everything looks good. Am excited about that! It'll be fun to sort of "hang" and not be doing game stuff, I think. :)

Have a couple ideas to put forward with the other leader, Oats. It's been sort of... awkward in the FC, as Oats is also the static leader. But I can manage. I may have written him several very long diatribes when I woke up at like 4 am (insomnia also, with whatever's going on with me lately) several nights in a row, but I think I've said everything I really wanted to get out.

I mean, I can be civil, still. It's not like I don't understand their viewpoint. I just... didn't think that's who they were, is all. It's fine though, am moving on, and so far performing better, so I guess we'll see!

But yeah, have a few ideas that... might be slightly ambitious, but I think it's something we can do.

We have *three* applications for the FC today. It made me really happy. :)

Tata, Lalas! ♥
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Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

So you got booted because you were sick? That seems a bit scummy, especially if they were your friends prior to raiding. That's why I only raid with people worse than me so if I have an off day it just seems normal to them.

I also forgot everything, but in my case it's because I haven't played since 5.0. I was doing dungeons last night constantly thinking "what the hell am I even doing?"

Ashira Mira

Excalibur (Primal)

Well, my performance had started to drag; last tier got a little contentious in the last fight too, but I improved a lot through this tier. I guess I figured they would remember that and ask if something was up with me instead of acting like I'd had no improvement, but no worries. They didn't want to wait to clear. We were stuck on Shiva a pretty long time last tier, and people just are not wanting a repeat.

I do like your strategy though, I should keep that in mind.... seems solid. ;)

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

It sounds good yeah but it gets irritating after a while. Way back in Sigmascape I was raiding with some friends who were definitely more casual than I am and the lack of progress kinda took the fun out of it. Never ended up clearing because I stopped playing due to some drama that was unrelated to raiding.

Then I came back in 5.0 but quit again because all my friends/FC raiding schedule interfered with my work schedule and I'm much too shy to try getting in a static with people I don't know.
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