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Party recruiting The Epic of Alexander Ultimate

Thanks for Browsing! This is recruitment for TEA (The Epic of Alexander Ultimate) prog from beginning party.

- Start after we gather full party. (Around 1 week or earlier).
- 2-3 hours at 8 - 12 pm JST / 3 times per week ( Monday-Sunday ) /Additional can be / Scheduling will be end of week or Make appointment day by day.
- Goal: Cleared it at least 1 lap (another up to request).
- Strategy: Refer to Mintotto (みんとっと) 's Video for base strat .
- Macro/Marker〇
- 1 phase Living Liquid -> Mintotto video (Separationセパレ式)
- Saikoro 4:4 (サイコロ 4:4) or 1211
- 2 phase CC & BJ -> Mintotto video (Separationセパレ式)
- 3 phase Prime -> Mintotto video
- 4 phase Prefect -> Mintotto video
-if party can't clear before 6.0, party still keep going to practice until clear

if you want prog and clear but didn't unlock ultimate we are willing to help unlock

- character is in Gaia
- cleared Eden Savage or Savage current tier without echo
- No Ultimate experience, have prog experience or already cleared are welcome.
- can communicate in English (Most will use English).
- VC (Listen is optional).

Current Member:
MT: WAR (UWU prog/First Ultimate) ✕
ST: PLD (First Ultimate) ✕
PH: WHM (First Ultimate)✕
ฺBH: AST (Clear all Ultimate)✕
D1: SAM (TEA prog/First Ultimate)✕
D2: DRG (UWU prog/First Ultimate)✕
D3: BRD (UCOB prog/First Ultimate)✕
D4 (Cast) :SMN (Fist Ultimate)✕

- Character name
- Server / Job

Discord: LenixS#5238
Send Tell: Lenix Len@Ridill (if you send tell but no responding it mean I can't send msg back)
DM Twitter: @LenixS_lenlen
DM for question are welcome :)
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