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Dear Hiriro :)

Hi Hiriro!

I hope you read this message!
Thank you for yesterday! I really enjoid :)

First, my English is so bad;) > sorry;
But, I want to told you some ff14 tips!
If you read this message, that's so happy for me.

You can use easy auto translator in this game.
If you have interest it, Please read this guide page↓
(If you arlady know this > sorry;)
You use this, Maybe you can joy with many other langage player!

EORZEA have a lot of fun contents!
story, battle...
visit to any user's house, user's shop..(bar, aquarium, maze, etcetc...)
and more and more!!
You can see these in like a『Party recruitment』 menu.(English ver may be another name)
If you have interest it, lets chack it!

I hope you enjoy this world!(together!), and looking forward to see you again!
(When you want to go some ID, call me feel free!)

Thanks a lot!
Your friend, Pori<3

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