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Why Japanese I play in North America DC

First of all, I may apologize.
That's because I hardly understand English.

Therefore, this sentence is copied in full using a translation application.
I cannot judge whether I am using the correct language.
If you are still satisfied, read on.

Thank you for watching.

As I said at the beginning, I was born and raised in Japan, a much smaller island nation,

and came out of Asia only once.
Therefore, I have no chance to speak in Japanese with anyone other than Japanese.

However, I learned that people outside Japan are also enjoying the Japanese-born game called FF14.
Because I read this blog.

Contrary to me, there were many articles for non-Japanese people playing in Japanese data centers.

Even though they were playing the same game, it seemed that not only the words were different, but there were also differences like tacit rules between Japan and other countries.

Then I wanted to play with myself and see how it was different.

Play at the Japan Data Center is over until Shadow Bringers patch 5.2.

It's not too difficult to clear a dungeon that you've already cleared.
What I want to do is not to defeat the enemy to clear the game, but to know what to do with my friends to clear the game, and how different implicit rules are.

In the article I read on the blog earlier, it said that Japan will recover when HP of the tank decreases to 70%, but it will often decrease to about 40% outside Japan.

However, it is important that the translation of the translation application is correct, but I can not judge that, so I decided to check it myself.

There seem to be other Japanese people playing at data centers outside Japan, but it seems that there are very few. Even if I wanted to join FC, there seemed to be no Japanese who were running FC on the same server.

And I spent a while trying to find out if there was a FC that accepted me who couldn't speak English.

At that time, it was the current FC Master who called out to me.

After summarizing the contents described so far in a short way, he said that I would still like to enter.

I used to just watch the conversation in the city, but now I can come to a place where I can talk to each other. I am grateful.

I bought one that can be started in a complete state up to "Storm Blood" in the optional service of Mog Station.

However, there are many jobs I have never touched even when playing in Japan, so I wanted to start from scratch and decided not to use a job that would improve the level.

I'm sorry that I can't go to the dungeon at the moment because I'm doing gatherers and crafters all the time to make my own equipment.

I explained myself in a long sentence and explained how I started playing here. Is it transmitted?

I like learning about cultural differences, so I hope I can learn the difference outside of games.

And if you're interested in Japan, or if you didn't have any people to hear from the beginning, I'd love to hear from you.

I think that talking a lot can help me understand my English.

Feel free to speak out while logged in. I'm sorry if you didn't notice the chat. And since the reply is late, I'd be happy if he/she would be patient with me when I had time.

Thank you so much for reading this far. See you next time at Eorzea!
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Yuyusho Hakusho

Siren (Aether)

It's great to have you Mimito! I really hope you find a great home in our FC! Never be afraid to ask anything we are always willing to help out if we can!

Mimito Miton

Siren (Aether)

Thank you for reading the diary!
I was very happy to be invited by FC.
And that FC is very pleased to hear from you and other FC members.
I am grateful to have met such a wonderful FC.

Mimito Miton

Siren (Aether)

I play every day in Japan DC, so I don't have any problems in the game right now.

The most difficult thing right now is that I can't read the words right away and it takes a long time to reply, so I want to let you read a lot of the logs that the members were talking to as well as talking directly.

I am. I'm not good at understanding foreign languages ​​by reading story books, but I want to proactively understand the story of my favorite game. lol

Yume Roid

Pandaemonium (Mana)




Mimito Miton

Siren (Aether)


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