Chisiki Shoko

Tonberry (Elemental)

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The first 24 hours of FF14

Starting at the fields of Gridania at level 1 and now just finished my 3rd raid at Uldah. I never thought to like MMORPG before but this game, a 10-year-old game got me hooked instantly. I can't wait to continue my journey in the land of FF14 and continue the story lurking behind it.
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Zaji Dakwhil

Malboro (Crystal)

The game is filled with lots of little touches, try retiring to an inn room when you log, or use the sit emote while near a chair. Lots of little things! The game does show its age in some places, and there are places where the legacy stuff does get in the way, but it's over all really good and I've enjoyed it! I hope you will too! Look forward to heavenward!

Chisiki Shoko

Tonberry (Elemental)

I will, thanks for the tip, can't wait to continue my journey after my finals.

Inura Bera

Ragnarok (Chaos)

Hope you continue to enjoy - with your timing you might be in the midst of things when they update the flow of the main quest line, so perhaps will have an even smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Plenty of things to do, and see. Even people to meet if are into that!

I've been here ten years and still enjoy every day - hope you do too.

Yue Elmoore

Tonberry (Elemental)

Welcome, and I hope you continue to enjoy your adventure in Eorzea.
If you enjoy the beautiful scenery there's a lot of places that can be explored.

Tyrell Lunargale

Behemoth (Primal)

Welcome to Eorzea! I know the feeling. I'm here only for a month but it feels like home already. Hope you continue to enjoy this great game.

Baqoy Tayuun

Tonberry (Elemental)

Aww its nice to see new players falling in love with Eorzea! Gridania was my starter city too and its always stayed special to meee :3
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