Sigrid Seren

Excalibur [Primal]

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I'm back!

Returning to the game for the Yo-kai Watch event. Also, I'm taking this opportunity to continue with the adventure. I've been very busy lately @_@, but Eorzea is always an amazing place to spend some time and take a break from daily responsibilities.

By the way, I dyed Sigrid's Eastern Lady's Togi blue, and she looks awesome! I also enjoy combining colors with my mounts, and this blue spectral horse is one of my favorites!
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Bayonetta Lakill

Seraph [Dynamis]

Hiiii welcome back , its good to take a break sometimes , you look absolutely gorgeous in blue i must say. Ive been kinda absent myself as Avatar and now Stellar Blade have been taking up most of my free gaming time but ill always return to eorzea even if its just to check my retainers or gold saucer tickets 😄

Sigrid Seren

Excalibur [Primal]

Hello :) Ufff, I really want to try Stellar Blade. I heard it's an amazing game. I've been working and playing Yakuza 0 :P, but I want to collect all the Yo-kai Watch weapons and mounts ;P

Thanks! The change to blue is to celebrate that I got my Blue Mage attire during this event :P
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