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Gathering Collectables - (Patch 5.4) - New System

Hey all!

I have spent most of my time after the 5.4 patch gathering and crafting. If anyone has looked at gathering collectables, you'll have noticed that they changed it up! You can read more about the change in the patch notes here if you haven't already.

(New UI after update 5.4)

I am sure that this has been discussed* over the internet in detail already, but I wanted to share what I personally found to be effective when to came to gathering level 80 white script collectables.

With at least 700 GP and RNG on your side, I have found that:

Scrutiny > Brazen > Solid Reason / Ageless Words > Scrutiny > Brazen

takes care of most of it to get 1000 collectability. Using Meticulous to finish if needed grants a chance to not use another gather attempt.

I hope this helps someone!

*Edit: This was posted a day or two after 5.4, haven't messed with collectables since. If there is a better way to go about this, feel free to share in the comments.
Comments (5)

Ibuki Ren

Hyperion [Primal]

Super helpful! Thank you for posting this!

Yuki Yagami

Hyperion [Primal]

Thank you!

Astraea Astralis

Behemoth [Primal]

Helped a lot, thank you so much! I'm only ilvl 378 and level 80 as a Botanist but can get 1000 collectability with this method.

Biscuits Engravy

Ultros [Primal]

Works like a heckin charm, thanks!

Tifadore Valorheart

Zodiark [Light]

For people wondering how many collectables they've gathered (for mentor membership etc.) you can go under achievements -> Items -> Collectable and look for the achievement "I Collected That I" which will tell you how many you got so far. In order to make it go up you only need to collect any type of collectable, not turn them in, so you can spam local nodes with basic quality and get it done in an hour.
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