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Ps3 Controller on FFXIV:ARR

I decided to try using a controller to play FFXIV:ARR on the PC and found that I really enjoy using it over the mouse/keyboard.

Take a peak at the screenshots to see how it looks when you use a controller.

To setup your ps3 controller your will need:

1.) A PS3 controller (of course)
2.) A usb cable for the ps3 controller
3.) Motion Joy software to install drivers your PS3 controller.

Check out the tutorial on youtube for setting up your controller:

Be sure to download the drivers from the Motion Joy website and follow the instructions in the video.

Happy hunting!


Comments (2)

Veronica Wright

Omega [Chaos]

I'm having problems with the ps3 controller in that the analogue sticks only register 8 points of angle, it's really annoying that when I try to turn my character around in a gradual motion, I just snap to a 45 degree angle. Any idea how to fix this?

Nori Koteiko

Phoenix [Light]

dont use the shitty motionjoy use the opensource xwrapper
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