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Log - Week Five

This week mostly kept me away from Eorzea. I hope that the next week will be the opposite. At least before things became busy I was able to attend my first FF14 wedding, yay!

It's quite a beautiful event, much nicer then weddings in other MMORPGS. I guess that is once again where the paying for a monthly subscription comes into play, so much more detail in everything! Now besides being beautiful to see, the wedding itself was very fun. The brides are two lovelies from the Free Company I am a part of, and it was a hoot participating in the special event with everyone. One of our photo taking specialists provided the above photo (Thanks again Carmen!).

Even though I wasn't able to complete many dungeon runs at all this week, I have been working on building my knowledge of skills and abilities. I spent some time reconfiguring my keyboard layout for optimal use, alongside reading more WHM guides and watching a few videos. I have been realizing that I need to make better healing skill choices depending on the situations, and to keep my mana bar full. Last week when the party died it was because I neglected my mana bar and I hit empty. Not a good feeling to say the least. Thankfully the party was with my FC mentors and they didn't hate on me for it. They are letting me live and learn, and learn I shall.

Special thanks to Mydia for the tips they provided on my last blog post. I am keeping the information in mind as I slowly move forward!
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