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Tank episode 7 - What does make you Tank? (Part 2)

日本語の日記は「タンク第6話 - タンクに必要な事」と「タンク第7話 - タンクに必要な事 (その2)」に書きました。

Earlier part is found in Tank episode 6 - What does make you Tank?

6. Guide targets to easy-to-fight location
Especially for battle of boss, it depends on boss, but it makes easier to battle if Tank guides boss to the edge of battle field. It may ease other party members to handle gimmicks.
At hither level, Ninja and Summoner creates damage area on floor. If Tank guides targets to the area, it improves elimination speed. While Tank does so, the orientation of target may not be great. However other party members will move and adjust their position. If Tank is well trained, they can adjust orientation, so that target won't face other party members.
If there are walls, it may block the view. Healers may not be able to cast their magic to heal. Therefore Tank needs to pay attention to the sight. If there are open field nearby, it is easier to battle if party moves there.

7. Pull targets
Tank does not need to pull targets but many players are accustomed to play this style recently. Pulling target may prevent other players start battle accidentally or intentionally. If you as Tank are not familiar with pull style battle, I suggest to pull up to 3 targets and destroy. Once you gets used to it, you can start moving toward next target group once remaining current target's HP becomes half or less. I call light pull. I think light pull prevents uncoordinated battles.

You can pull 2 groups or 8 targets once you gets used to it. At higher level, Tank pulls more. Or watch other tanks how they pull targets. It is current consensus how much we can pull.
I usually don't pull much in the beginning of ID, so that I can observe how much I get heal or how quick party can eliminate targets. I adjust the amount of pull depending on the ability of party. I try to pull more later part of ID. It usually makes rhythm of battle.
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The amount of pull depends on healing ability and DPS fire power. It is difficult to describe it. We just need to "feel" it and compare to other time.

Here is what I feel about the ability of healing by healers.
I'm healer main. My own experience is included, too.

White Mage has lots of ways to heal. Even you feel the heal is a bit slow, most likely it will be ok. However if the White Mage always use Regen, it would be better.
If you think a White Mage does not utilize Regen well, especially at lower level ID, you should not pull much. For example, you wait until HP of the first group target gets to half or less before moving for next pull.

Scholar can be judged by how they use barrier.
If you make sure Scholar use barrier before you face many targets, it makes you easier to pull. Scholar does not have a lot of instant heal ability. They may not be able to handle many attacks at once. Tank may be knocked out in no time if you don't get decent barrier.

Astologian can be judged by how they use barrier and regen.
If such a professional Astologian uses Aspected Benefic with Nocturnal Sect for barrier before battle and Aspected Benefic with Diurnal Sect for regen during battle, you can pull. Nothing we need to worry about.
If an Astologian uses neither barrier nor regen, it's risky to pull.
Usually Astologian use regen during battle. Astologian also have many ways to heal, but the ability is slightly less than White Mage. You need to aware of the difference.
Sometimes Astologian is distracted by dealing with cards. They may not be able to heal in a timely manner.

8. Keep attacking. Find space between AoEs and attack.
Melee also needs this skill. You can train mechanics while you play as Melee, too.
Party members are encouraged to see if Tank keeps attacking between AoEs.
If you can, use attack ability other than routine combo attack. Also use ability to improve your attack.

9. Understand how each role battle, such as Melee, Ranged DPS, Casters
Melee is not good at dealing with moving targets because of their range and orientation bonus. Casters need to stop to spell magic.
If targets moves like stop and go, they get confused. Because they think target stops so they start attacking, but next moment target moves, the attack would be interrupted. They just waste their time to cast.
If you have difficulties to pull, just stop there. Let DPS attack.
Once target's HP is reduced, you can pull again.
If you DON'T use sprint, Ranged DPS may be able to complete the elimination while running. I think we get the best elimination speed if all players are close by. It has additional benefits. The range of Scholar's barrier is short. If you are far from Scholar you don't get much help from them.
Tank should run ahead of others but not very far from others, so that healers can assist you even while running. Targets follow Tank. Therefore Ranged DPS can attack them even while pull.

10. Place target marker
Sometimes we want to prioritize target to attack during battle. It is harder than we think to push icon after switching target. We need to understand the content to make priority, too. You can train the switching technique if you play as Healer. Or You make emotes during battle, lol. I'm kidding.
Switching targets is hard work even for skilled Healer. Many people use macro or function keys and tab to point. (I don't know how to operate PS4)

If we do everything I mentioned, it naturally goes like this:

- Mobs are eliminated very quickly because we can keep attacking even during running. No time to waste.
- Healers can focus on heling Tank. Mobs are in single place but won't face players except Tank. Less chance to get damaged by AoE.
- DPS and Healer get easier to handle gimmicks.

I want to write about pull, uncoordinated pull by DPS/Healer, and time period to eliminate targets if I have a chance.
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